Canada:A thrill a minute race,eventually…………..

Yesterday yet again in 2011,we would treated to quite a simply an incredible race as this thrilling F1 season gets better and better.

The first part(before the red flag)                                                                                                                                                    

Well due to the wet conditions,they decided to start behind the safety car although many people,including Eddie Jordan and Martin Brundle who thought we should have had a normal start.On Lap 4 the safety car pulled in,Alonso attacked into Turn 1  against Vettel but Seb braked later and held onto the lead.Drama behind though Hamilton hit Webber which sent Mark into a spin and he dropped well down while Hamilton slipped to 7th.Lewis and Michael then passed Button and then Lewis attacked Michael at the hairpin but went wide and dropped behind Button again.

Lewis then attacked Button down the home straight but Button was in front and on the racing line which heads towards the wall yet Lewis still tried to attack and there was contact,Lewis had terminal damage to the left rear of the car and had to retire while Jenson continued and then got a penalty for been too fast behind the safety car.Then as the track conditions began to improve  Button,Schumacher,Rosberg, and Alonso all pitted for intermediates,Button was cutting through the field…………………..

The Red Flag

…Until Lap 19 when a massive downpour started and the guys who had pitted for intermediates a few laps before had to go straight back onto full wets,6 laps later,with the track basically flooded the red flag was brought and the race was stopped.The rain kept coming down heavily for another hour but finally after a 2 hour break the race would restart behind the safety car.

The restart

The race resumed under the safety car and after 7 laps behind it we went racing again with Vettel leading,Kobayashi 2nd,Massa 3rd with Heidfeld 4th and Paul Di Resta in 5th.Soon everyone started pitting for intermediates and Schumacher began a charge passing Petrov,Webber Di Resta and Heidfeld although he cruised past Di Resta due to Paul damaging his front wing after attempting to overtake Nick.Just after everyone put the inters on Button and Alonso clashed with Alonso retiring due to been stuck on the kerb.

Michael then went on a charge,setting fastest laps when in clear air and quickly began to catch Massa and Kobayashi who was brilliantly hanging on to second place while Vettel was beautifully controlling the pace at the front,Michael then caught both drivers and after Kamui outbraked himself in turn 8,he held Massa up also and Michael cruised past both drivers before Massa nailed Kamui into turn 10.

The dramatic final stint

With about 15 laps to go everyone had gone on dry tyres,Button went onto the dry tyres first and jumped up from 21st to 4th,Safety car came out quite quickly after this after Nick Heidfeld hit Kamui Kobayashi which dislodged his front wing and then went over it and was out of the race and it left debris on the track.

The SC then pulled into the pitlane with 10 to go and Vettel immediately pulled a gap to Michael who was coming under massive pressure from Webber and Jenson.Vettel quickly opened up a 3 second gap and seemed happy to keep it at 3 seconds on a damp track.

With 6 to go,Webber attacked Schumacher but out braked himself and had to cut the final chicane but due  to the damp track offline he almost dropped it which allowed Button past and then on the next lap Button passed Schumacher for second place in the grand prix which meant he could then get after Vettel.

Webber then got past Schumacher for third place on the next lap as Button started to catch Sebastian very very quickly.Then with a lap to go Sebastian had a 0.9 second lead over Jenson and it looked like he would do enough to take the win but then heading into turn 6 he ran wide onto the damp part of the track and Button just sailed past,Sebastian brilliantly managed to avoid a spin and quickly recovered so was still a comfortable second.

After an incredible race where he had 6 pitstops,one of which was a drive through and collisions with Lewis and Fernando,Jenson took an incredible win followed home by Vettel,Webber,Schumacher,Petrov,Massa,Kobayashi(passed by Felipe on the line),Alguersuari,Barrichello and Buemi.

Driver(s) of the day:Well I will be giving it two drivers Jenson and Michael,Jenson drove an incredible last stint from last to first,one of the greatest stints anyone will ever see after having some good luck and some bad luck before the final stint.

Michael also deserves it,after the race restart he was on fire,overtaking 8/9 cars without DRS and been the fastest man on the inters and getting himself  into 2nd place,the DRS meant he only finished 4th due to the huge straight but a sensational drive by him

Next Race:Valencia  26th of June

Championship (Drivers)

1.Vettel 161

2.Button 101

3.Webber 94

4.Hamilton 85

5.Alonso 69

6.Massa 32

7.Petrov 31

8.Heidfeld 29

9.Schumacher 26

10.Rosberg 26


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