Boullier must not fire Heidfeld

I read today on the autosport website that Boullier was not happy with Nick Heidfeld’s performances this year and that sometime later in the season,Grosjean could replace him.

Boullier would be a making a huge mistake if he fired Nick and replaced him with Grosjean who he says is ready for formula 1 now and as we know Grosjean’s manager is……………Boullier. 

Nick is a very consistent driver,nearly always brings the car home,can score points nearly every race if the car is quick enough,has collected plenty of podiums in his time including a superb 3rd in Malaysia earlier this year,has bags of experience and most importantly in 2011,he has experience of the pirelli tyres and is not doing much wrong,he sits 2 points in front of teammate Petrov in the championship.

Boullier says Grosjean is ready now for formula 1 and he could be right but I have serious doubts about that.let me you tell why.

Grosjean came into F1 for Piquet in late 2009 after going well in GP2 but he had a nightmare spell in the last part of the F1 season,making lots and lots of mistakes and his highest finish in the 7 races was a very lowly 15th place.

Grosjean again this year is doing well in the GP2 championship but to bring him now or in a couple of races would be a huge mistake.Firstly he has not been in the car,has no experience of the new rules,lacks experience and can he cut it in Formula 1?possibly but if he was put it now,Renault would have no chance of beating Mercedes to fourth in the constructors championship,where the money is and it would take Romain at least 4 or 5 races to get up to speed.

So my advise Mr Boullier,keep a very good and experienced Heidfeld in the seat and leave Grosjean in GP2 for the rest of the season,if you do Renault can get at least fifth in the constructors championship.

What do you think Boullier should do?


2 Responses to “Boullier must not fire Heidfeld”

  1. I totally agree. Mr Boullier must keep Nick Heidfeld. He is experimented and patient.
    What happened in Germany was an accident : Buemi was 100% faulty.
    Ok Mr Boullier (and Nick) was disappointed after the race : but it was an accident. NOT caused by Nick.
    In January he had great expectations for the team then 6th February happened … He must be patient and deal with it.
    Grosjean is not ready for F1. He says he is but he is not. I also remember 2009. Let him be world champion in GP2 and start F1 in a “smaller” team. He needs experience before driving for LRGP.
    So Mr Boullier, please remember Malaysia this year (podium for Nick) and also Spain (from the last row to the points …).
    I see only 2 reasons to swap Nick by Grosjean this season : 1-Money !!! 2- Outside influence for a french driver in a French team !!! (Mr Boullier is one of the member of a special commission to improve French F1 !! The french prime minister made a special group to have F1 race back in France & French driver(s?) in the championship. Grosjean in F1 would mean the commission worked well!!!)

    • I agree with you about giving Grosjean a chance in a smaller team if good enough,then we’ll see if he can cut it.

      Renault can’t afford to take a gamble or they would lose championship positions and vital money for a team like them

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