Moto GP Half term review(Races and Rider Ratings)

Qatar:Casey Stoner would win on his debut for Honda,taking a comfortable win from Lorenzo and Pedrosa,who said he lost feeling in his left arm after the midway point.Dovizioso was 4th and Simoncelli after an epic battle for 4th place.Valentino Rossi finished 7th on his debut for Ducati.

Jerez:A dramatic race,Rossi was flying on the Ducati from 12th on the grid and had caught the top guys but fell off when trying to overtale Stoner which took Stoner out,Stoner retired,Rossi though remounted and would eventually finish 5th.Simoncelli who had a comfortable lead,crashed out at Turn 1 and blew a great chance to win his first ever Moto GP race,Lorenzo would take the lead and would go on to win,Pedrosa would finish 2nd after Spies crashed out of 2nd near the end,Hayden would take 3rd after Edwards’ bike cruelly broke down at the start of the final lap.

Portugal:very tactical race,Pedrosa sat behind Lorenzo for a large chunk of the race but then made his move in the final few laps and quickly pulled away from Jorge and Dani would take the win,Lorenzo 2nd,Stoner a distant 3rd,Dovizioso 4th after an epic battle with Rossi who finished in 5th.Simoncelli crashed out when going pretty well,it would become a common theme…….

Le Mans:Casey Stoner took a dominant win but there would be controversy behind,Simoncelli had caught Pedrosa and attempted to pass Pedrosa round the outside into the left hander,Pedrosa had the inside and they came together,Pedrosa fell off and ended up in the gravel and would break his collarbone and would miss the next 3 races,Simoncelli would get a ride through penalty for the move and would finish 5th in the end.Dovizioso finished 2nd,Rossi got his first podium for Ducati in 3rd and Lorenzo was 4th after a great 3 way battle!

Barcelona:A dull race really,Stoner walked it,comfortably beating Lorenzo,Spies was 3rd,which was his first podium of the year,Dovizioso was 4th,Rossi 5th and Simoncelli the pole sitter,6th.Colin Edwards missed the race after breaking his collarbone earlier in the weekend.

Silverstone:A dramatic race in horrendous conditions.Crutchlow the home hero missed the race after breaking his collarbone in qualifying.Lorenzo the championship leader crashed out of 3rd place,Simoncelli then gained 3rd place but he would also crash out of the race.Stoner would brilliantly win by over 10 seconds from Dovizioso,Edwards was an amazing 3rd,just a week after breaking his collarbone,Hayden 4th,Bautista 5th and Rossi 6th.

Assen:A dramatic race,Lorenzo was taken out by Simoncelli on the opening lap after Simoncelli lost control of the bike after attempting to go up the inside,Spies would lead from start to finish to take his maiden Moto GP win,Stoner finished 2nd with Dovizioso 3rd,Lorenzo made an incredible recovery and finished 6th.

Mugello: Dani Pedrosa returned but clearly was not fully fit and finished 8th,meanwhile there was a fantastic for the win,Stoner quickly pulled out a 2 second lead over Lorenzo and Dovizioso but in the final 10 laps both of them started to catch Stoner and Lorenzo with 7 laps to go passed Stoner and at the start of the final lap,Dovizioso passed Stoner,we found out after the race that Stoner had an overheating tyre issue.Lorenzo won,Dovi 2nd,Stoner 3rd,Spies 4th and Simoncelli 5th and Rossi 6th.

Germany: Dani Pedrosa was back,he brilliantly won the race after a great three way battle with himself,Stoner and Lorenzo.Jorge brilliantly passed Stoner into the last corner to take 2nd place,Dovizioso was 4th,Spies 5th and Simoncelli 6th after a fantastic battle and the same could be said for the Bautista,Rossi and Hayden battle.Bautista would get 7th,Hayden was 8th,Rossi 9th after qualifying in only 16th place,last row of the grid.

Laguna Seca:After been beaten in the previous two races Stoner fought back by winning the US GP,passing Lorenzo with 6 laps to go,Lorenzo finished 2nd,Pedrosa was 3rd and admitted he was still not 100% after his Le Mans crash,Spies finished 4th,Dovi 5th,Rossi 6th and teammate Hayden 7th after a race long battle.Simoncelli crashed out.

Rider Ratings

Stoner 9.5/10

Casey is having a super year in his first season with Honda.

He has won 5 races,finished on the podium in 9 out of the 10 events so far this year and was taken out in the event he didn’t finish.

If he continues finishing on the podium regularly he will win a second Moto GP championship.

It seems to be the perfect team for him.

Lorenzo 9/10

Jorge may trail Stoner by 20 points but he is riding brilliantly this year on a bike that has been slower than the Honda all year.Has taken 2 wins and has got 7 podiums in 10 races and would probably have finished on the podium in Assen had he not been taken out.He will push Stoner on the way for the championship if he has the bike to match the Honda.

Dovizioso 8/10

Andrea has been having a very consistent season.He has finished in top 5 in 9 out of the 10 events so far.Despite this he has yet to win this season and unless he starts winning dry races soon he will probably not get a factory Honda bike in 2012.The second half of this season the most important of his career so far.

Rossi 6.5/10

It’s been a very disappointing season so far for Valentino Rossi,he did pick up an excellent 3rd at Le Mans earlier this year but 2 races ago in Germany he had one of the lowest points of his career,qualifying 16th.He has been struggling with the front end all year.He and Ducati will be looking to 2012 already and make big imporvements.

Pedrosa 8.5/10

Another year of what could have been for Dani,has finished on the podium in 5 of the 7 races he has finished in,only 8th in Mugello due to injury and taken out in Le Mans,2 great wins,he won’t win the championship but he could have a major influence on it,taking points off Casey and Jorge.

Simoncelli 6/10

A podium still illudes Simoncelli and blew a great chance for the win at jerez.He has the speed and the talent as we seen with his couple of pole position but keeps crashing in the races and until he sorts that out he will not finish on the podium.Second half of the season very improtamt for Marco to stay in Moto GP in 2012.

Spies 7/10

After a great 2010,Spies joined the factory Yamaha team and this year took his first ever Moto GP win at Assen,apart from that though he has not got near his teammate in the races in the main and is a step behind the top 3.He should start to get closer to the front guys towards the end of this season,especially at Indy.

Other Rider Ratings

Hayden 6.5/10

Edwards 6.5/10

Barbera 6.5/10

Crutchlow 6/10

Aoyama 5/10

Abraham 5/10

Bautista 5/10

Capirossi 4/10

De Puniet 4/10

Elias 2/10

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