Oh Dear BBC,Oh Dear

After a long day reading about the Sky getting F1 rights from 2012,you’ve got to ask yourself,what the hell are the BBC thinking getting rid of Formula 1,one of there most popular shows.They should never have bid if they didn’t have the money for it and knew this would happen and not only does it effect UK people,it’s the same problem for people in Ireland,Australia and probably more countries around the world 

They’ve done a great job in the 3 years they had it,apart from Eddie Jordan’s silly outbursts,rambling on about complete rubbish and Jake Humphrey has been a poor presenter in my opinion,apart from that they’ve done a super job.

You can’t blame Sky for bidding and best of luck to them with it but really Bernie and the BBC should have sorted a deal with another free to air channel so every F1 fan could see the races still.Now F1 will lose fans who were getting into it since the BBC started showing coverage and potentially a lot of loyal fans who quite simply can’t afford to pay for the Sky Sports coverage

Ecclestone has made a huge mistake if he thinks he will get more viewers by agreeing a deal with Sky but this has happened and it looks like now people will have too watch F1 by illegal links on the internet.The BBC could have made savings to keep F1.A lot of overpaid people in the BBC,especially higher up,they could have easily got rid of BBC 4(no one watches this),shows like Cash in the Attic,Antiques Roadshow and maybe even a radio station or 2,they’ve made a huge mistake and will lose a lot of viewers on sunday’s now.

Personally i’m very disappointed with the news but I will continue to watch Formula 1 in 2012 because it is my favourite sport,by finding illegal links as like many others,I cannot afford to pay for Sky unless of course BBC show the full race on deferred coverage.

Reaction from both the BBC and Sky can be found here http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/30/business/global/bskyb-lands-formula-one-broadcast-rights.html 

Bernie also said giving rights to a pay per view channel would be a huge error but as usual he has lied and the teams seem very happy to choose money over the everyday fans which makes me angry.


Opinions from fellow fans on twitter

http://twitter.com/GomezGooner From GomezGooner:”big shame for people priced out of F1,but business is never fair is it…”

http://twitter.com/BenF1_ From BenF1:”Inevitable, heartbreaking but I will follow the sport I love to Sky Sports”

http://twitter.com/F1fanatic94 ”total waste of the effort the BBC has put in ,a slap in the face of fans who were told F1 would always remain free to air”

http://twitter.com/F1_LewisFan ”Outrageous that we have to pay to watch the sport we love just(because)Murdoch is trying to save his NOTW cut deficit”


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