Villeneuve,start showing some respect

Today 1997 F1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve said “If Kimi(Raikkonen)won the championship, he did it by luck, because he didn’t deserve it,” ,he also has called Kimi a ”robot” in the past.

Well Jacques Villeneuve,let’s start with some facts,you just about won the championship in 1997 despite having the fastest car by a mile and did nothing after that so you were a one hit wonder and very lucky to win a title so you really cannot talk about Kimi been lucky after Kimi was robbed in 2003 and especially 2005.

“Felipe deserved it a lot more. He was always more capable than Kimi and it was easy to beat him.”(quotes from autosport)

And only last year in F1 racing Magazine about Felipe ”He has had a crap season so far and things aren’t getting any better”,make your mind up Jacques.
He has also said “Vettel is fighting no-one right now. If you look at it, anytime Vettel has to fight someone he collapses. Look at Montreal,”.,he must have missed Monaco and Spain then.
Well Jacques all above comments are way off the mark,you were very very lucky to win your title,F1 pundits are meant to neutral and not go on personal attacks,he is clueless and until he gets a brain,sensible F1 fans realize his opinions are biased and wrong and until he stops favoring drivers,then I may listen to him again in the future,but right now,no way,show some respect to ALL drivers and the sport Jacques because right now you are embarrassing yourself.

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