BBC,Enough of the Schumi hatred and bias

Dear BBC F1

As most of you saw on sunday,we seen Michael Schumacher back to his best,although controversial,most fans seem to think it was an epic battle and Schumi didn’t deserve a penalty.

However the BBC boys went straight on the attack,saying Schumi should have been penalised.During the race Coulthard said only one defensive move can be made and Brundle then said he moved twice heading towards Lesmo 1 which was correct but they clearly have forgotten this ”unwritten” rule.

”A defending driver may move off-line once to defend his position and then move back to his original line on the way into a corner, but cannot push a rival on that line off the track”

So immediately you would have to say what they said is wrong,then some more interesting comments in the columns 

Firstly Andrew Benson

”It was obvious in Italy that Schumacher is as willing as ever to push the boundaries of acceptable behaviour up to and beyond their limits”

And Martin Brundle

”Schumacher’s secondary defensive moves were pushing the limits to the absolute extreme and he was lucky to get away with it”

Yes they are both correct when they said Michael pushed it to the limit but please Mr Benson,Michael did not go beyond the limit,clearly Michael was in the slower car and in my opinion was defending on the limit but fairly.

Yes there entitled to there opinions but had the shoe been on the other foot,would they have stuck the boot in as hard?,no chance of it because he is a Brit or indeed had Jenson Button defended like that against MSC,they really need to think before they write and cut out the obviously hatred towards Schumi.

Also they failed to really talk about the Alonso incident which was worse than anything MSC did but of course they fail to talk about it because Schumi was a very bold boy in there eyes.

All us F1 fans ask is to cut out the hatred towards Schumi,talk about his racing in a fair and unbiased way and cut out the constant loving to Button especially and give others more credit when they deserve it,especially MSC.

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