Williams and Kimi,why a deal would be good for both parties

By James and Gary Marshall

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As we been hearing more and more in recent days,Kimi Raikkonen is potentially going to join Williams for 2012 in a potential stunning turn of events.

James Allen says ”Kimi Raikkonen is on the verge of signing a deal to return to F1 with Williams”,full article here http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2011/09/raikkonen-poised-to-return-to-f1-with-williams/ 

If a deal does happen it would be a big benefit to both sides.Gary writes about the benefits for Williams,while I write about the benefits for Kimi 

Why a deal could would be good for Williams,and there recent budget troubles

Williams grand prix engineering is going through it’s toughest period since Sir Frank Williams and Patrick Head first built there chassis in 1977.The team has amassed 113 grand prix wins,9 constructors titles and 6 drivers titles.In the last 7 years,they haven’t managed to increase this tally at all. 

After the split from BMW at the end of 2005,Williams have been on a slippery slope down the grid and will more than likely finish 9th in this years constructors championship.Funding has become an ever bigger problem for the team for the last couple of years.High profile withdrawals from Phillips,RBS and Green Flag left a considerable hole in the team’s budget.

One option to fill this deficit is to take another driver with a budget like they did with the GP2 champion who came with a multi million pound package from the state owned oil company,PDVSA.

The other option of course is Kimi Raikkonen,the 2007 world champion ,who is looking to end his 2 year exile from F1.Although he doesn’t come with a budget like some other drivers that are in the frame for the seat,as I understand it,most sponsorship deals have a clause in them that increases the level of financial commitment if the team have a world champion on board.

This alone wouldn’t be enough to cover the shortfall but possibly having Kimi as the lead driver  should make the team more attractive option for potential sponsors.

Much has been said of Kimi’s ability to lead a team after his fractious 3 years at Ferrari.The way he was ceremoniously dumped at the end of 2009 ,I think left him little affection for F1.After two years away rallying,Kimi seems once again ready to step up to F1 to prove he can lead a team and that he still has what it takes.

Sir Frank is notoriously hard when it comes to his drivers and the balancing act between budget and the best drivers he can get in the cars is always a difficult compromise to make.With the team going through it’s biggest transitional period in recent years,the next few months are going to be pivotal in securing the long term future of the team.

A rejuvenated Kimi can deliver the spark on track to push the team forward into a new era,and hopefully one that sees them once again on to the top step of the podium where they belong. 

Why a deal would be good for Kimi

Joining Williams would be fantastic for Kimi,a team where he won’t be constantly under pressure to win grand prixs unlike when he was at Mclaren and Ferrari and would be given time by Williams to get used too the DRS,Full tanks and of course the pirelli tyres and probably would immediately get the No 1 role in that team,which means the car should be more suited towards him which would help him for sure.

Kimi can also show the big teams that he still has the raw speed and that he has got the hunger back for F1,because as we saw for most of 2008 and the first part of 2009,Kimi was disinterested and looked like he would be rather anywhere but in F1,if he has the hunger again and has a good year at Williams,there would be a very good chance he could get a deal with one of the top 4 teams and can show(AGAIN!)fans who question him that he was a lucky world Champion.

Final thought

As Gary has brilliantly explained,Williams have really had a lot of problems in recent years,if they agreed a deal with Kimi,it could be a huge boost for them with a world champion there,with the reshuffle and possibly new sponsors if they got a world champion,2012 could be a much better year for Williams and for Kimi,a chance to show he is fully motivated,still got the raw speed and potentially outperform the car if it’s a midfield car to show the big teams he has the fire in the belly to move on in 2013,a win-win situation for both sides if a deal could be agreed.

Can Williams return to former glories?(Photo from Brazil 2004,Williams’ last win)

With Kimi possibly there?


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