Pedrosa wins Motegi classic

Spaniard Dani Pedrosa took a good,if slightly lucky win after one of the best Moto GP races in years to give him a great chance of getting third in the championship,with Lorenzo 2nd and championship leader Stoner in 3rd.

The Start

An amazing start with 3 riders jumping the start,Dovizioso,Simoncelli and Crutchlow.All would be given ride through penalties for it.Then massive drama down into Turn 3,Lorenzo and Spies had Rossi in between them with Lorenzo slightly ahead of Vale and Lorenzo moved slightly across,Rossi fell off,touched Spies’ bike which meant Ben was forced to go through the gravel trap,Rossi retired while Lorenzo was unaffected.


Barbera crashed out of Lap 2 and was taking away on a stretcher and broke his right collarbone and will undergo an operation in Barcelona tomorrow(Tuesday).Crutchlow then wide at Turn 3 on the next lap before he would take the ride through along with Dovi and Simoncelli.

Incredibly on Lap 4,Stoner,coming down the back straight,his bike suddenly had a violent shake after hitting a bump and could not slow down quickly enough and was forced to run into the gravel at Turn 11 and dropped to 7th place but immediately went back to 5th place after Simoncelli and Dovi completed there ride throughs.

So the order then was Pedrosa,Lorenzo,Bautista,Hayden and Stoner with Elias having a stormer of a race up in 6th place.

Stoner would soon catch Hayden and make a very forceful move into the turn 10 hairpin on Lap 11,Hayden would then run wide into turn 1 on Lap 12 and would fall down to 10th behind behind Dovi,Simoncelli,Elias,Aoyama and Edwards while later on that Lap,Stoner passed Bautista into Turn 12 to move into 3rd place.

Then on Lap 14,heartbreak for Suzuki,Bautista crashed out at Turn 12 while running 4th while Damien Cuddlin,replacing Capirossi,also crashed out on the same lap whilst running 14th.

On Lap 17 Elias crashed out while running 6th which would easily have been his best result of the season.

Simoncelli and Dovizioso then had a great scrap for 4th which Marco won after passing Dovizioso into Turn 11 with 2 laps to go after Dovizioso ran a bit wide out of the exit of turn 10.

Pedrosa comfortably took the win from Lorenzo,Stoner,Simoncelli,Dovizioso,Spies,Hayden,Edwards,Aoyama,De Puniet,Crutchlow,Akiyoshi and Shinichi

Championship Standings

Rider of the Day:Dani Pedrosa

Race Rating:10/10



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