Lewis and Felipe,stop the feud!

Dear Lewis and Felipe

Quite frankly Formula 1 fans are sick and tired of your childish behavior in recent months and it’s getting to the point where you ruining F1 weekends for most of the fans with your constant arguements since your incidents in Monaco

Thought’s of people on twitter

(@MissBethAndrews) ”stop it,children,will hurt each other,both champ material buggering it up

(@LawlessonF1) ”oh it’s clearly out of order! I’d hate to see another Prost & Senna style clash

(@BenF1_) ”Hamilton is going through a tough patch, he’s apologetic, Massa is being a bit pathetic really”

(@GomezGooner) ”Lewis doesn’t make personal insults at Massa and Massa says he doesn’t have an issue with Lewis. Media stir it”

Thought’s of people on facebook

Maurice ”disgraceful

Matt ”big babies

As you can see most thing your behavior is childish and unacceptable but some don’t.

Grudges get you nowhere and after the death’s of Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli you two guys really need to sort out your issues because you just never know when you could be taken away

So on behalf of F1 fans,sort it out,show respect to each other and be like you were before the incidents this year and then hopefully we could see you guys fighting for wins again!

Image © Zimbio

Kind Regards



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