Abu Dhabi GP preview,have your Pillows at the ready!

So this weekend the F1 circus heads to Abu Dhabi for the third time and if the last 2 races there are anything to go by,staying awake will be a great achievement for all F1 fans.

Qualifying will be good to watch because in the final sector,the drivers can make a difference and that will mean a good lap turns into a bad lap but or a good one turns into a great one

However I fear the race will be a snorefest once again even with the DRS been used this year,I hope I’m wrong but I fear most of us could end up falling asleep,so keep your pillows beside you!!

initially they promised to make changes http://www.patronisef1.com/index.php/f1-news/2011-news/april-2011/5248-abu-dhabi-set-for-track-changes-report but then backtracked on that http://www.planetf1.com/driver/3213/7021293/Abu-Dhabi-delay-track-changes

Incredibly they say they want to delay it until they see how this years race gone,with virtually no overtaking in the previous 2 events here,a silly error on there part.

Something just tells me that the Mclaren’s will get a 1-2 due to the very long straights at Abu Dhabi and as we know,in most races this season,the Mclaren has been as fast as the Red Bull in race trim so that’s why I think Seb will only be 3rd and Hamilton is due a storming drive and as always Alonso will somehow get that Ferrari in there challenging for a podium.Webber struggled here badly last year and I expect the same to happen again this weekend








Drivers to watch

Vitaly Petrov:After a fantastic start to the year with a 3rd place in Australia,Petrov’s and Renault’s year has gone downhill ever since.Other teams have improved there car massively since Australia but Renault have been going backwards at the same time,gotta feel the drivers have underperformed as well though.

So this is a massive weekend for Petrov,he has 2 races to show he deserves another year in F1 with Renault,if he continues to struggle though I think the game is up for him so expect him to give 110% this weekend and then we’ll see what happens.If he has a race like he did at Abu Dhabi last year,it may just save his career

Adrian Sutil:Another driver whose F1 career hangs in the balance.With Hulkenberg and Di Resta likely to get the Force India seats,he needs great drives in the final races to get a seat somewhere next year,Williams the best available seat and looks like it will be him or Raikkonen that will get it.

After been outpaced by Di Resta early in the year in Qualifying,he has fought back well with a 6th in Germany,7th in Belgium and an 8th in Singapore so expect to give it everything this weekend and in Brazil to try and get a seat in F1 next year.

Lap of the track

Pole lap from Sebastian Vettel last year

Track stats
Circuit Length:5.554km
Lap Record:1:40.279
Can Sebastian make it 3 wins in a row in Abu Dhabi?
We will find out on Sunday Afternoon…………

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