My Top 5 F1 Drivers for 2011

So the season has now well and truly finished,after a lot of thinking,mainly who deserved the fifth spot,I’ve come up with My Top 5 drivers for 2011…………………………………………

1.Sebastian Vettel

Not even a contest.15 pole positions,11 wins in 2011 for this incredible young German who is now an F1 great,now a world class driver who cut out the silly errors of 2010 this year.He could go on and dominate the sport.

Consistently pulled out laps in Qualifying which took the breath away,his Australian GP Quali performance was unreal,0.8 clear of the rest.The first weekend where they used DRS.

Then in the opening 2 laps of races when he led,he would get himself out of the DRS zone and controlled most races beautifully.

He made a number of errors in 2010 but still won the title,this year his only real slip up was in Canada on the final lap when he ran wide which let Button through in that epic grand prix but defended brilliantly in Spain and Monaco when under huge pressure.

He also silenced the critics who said he couldn’t overtakes with incredibly brave moves on Rosberg in Belgium and Alonso at Monza.

Sensational season from a massive talent and a really great guy,we’ll find out in february testing if Seb has the car to go for a hat-trick of titles.

2.Fernando Alonso

He may not be the nicest man in the history of the world but this guy in an F1 car is special,another incredible season from him in only the third fastest car.

He had two incredible starts,4th to 1st in Barcelona and Monza.

He pretty much outperformed the car in every race this year,taking 1 win at Silverstone(helped by the changed rules that weekend) and an incredible 11 podiums in a car fit for only 5th/6th place.

Probably his best drive of 2011 was Suzuka,finishing just behind Jenson on a track where that car had no right to be near the winner at the end,truly amazing performance.

If he gets a car that is really really good in 2012,you would have to put money on him winning a third championship,because in my opinion he is the best driver on the grid at the moment.

3.Jenson Button

This was easily Jenson’s best ever season in Formula 1,this year he went from a good driver to a very very good driver.

As usual,he was fantastic in the mixed conditions,taking victories in Canada and Hungary with Canada obviously been the special one coming from the back of the field to win after a puncture,contact with his teammate and a peanlty but worked his way through brilliantly and forced Vettel into a mistake on the final lap of the race and taking the win,a breathtaking win.

What impressed me most though was how he stepped up and improved massively in the dry weather races,taking a deserved win in Japan after a superb race with Alonso and Vettel and collecting 11 podiums,went on a run of 5 successive podiums from Hungary to Suzuka.

As expected he coped very well with the Pirelli tyres,been the king of managing tyres along with Vettel and he is the first teammate of Lewis Hamilton that has beaten Lewis,helped by Hamilton constantly smashing into Felipe.

Can Button win a second title in 2012?,if he gets a really good car,it’s possible and keeps up his great from of 2011.

4.Heikki Kovalainen

2011 was Heikki’s fifth season in Formula 1 and by some way,it was his best.

He hammered his teammate and fellow grand prix winner Jarno Trulli in Qualifying 15-3 in 2011 and as we know,Trulli is considered an excellent qualifier although Trulli did seem to be unmotivated this year.

Kovalainen was consistently the fastest of all the ”new” team drivers and would beat the Williams of Maldonado on sheer speed in Shanghai,also Kobayashi and Perez in Korea and India finished ahead of Barrichello.

He pushed the midfield cars close in a good few events in 2011.

He seems to have found some belief and confidence after his failure at Mclaren and really had an excellent season,showing he has talent and very motivated,probably deserves another chance in a good car now.

If the car improves in 2012 and gets into the midfield battle,I’m sure he can collect some points next season.

5.Adrian Sutil

The 4 drivers above were the stand out performers of 2011 but no one else really can put there hand up and say they had a great season.In the end I went for Sutil who really came on strong in the second half of 2011.

After 8 races,Sutil only had 10 points and was be criticised a lot because Paul was beating him,even though Adrian had more points,but from Germany he really imporved from there.

Finished 6th in Germany and Brazil,7th in Belgium,8th in Abu Dhabi and Singapore and outperformed Di Resta who was given huge praise in the media and by most fans,but Sutil ended up finishing 15 points ahead of him showing what a good driver Adrian is and that Paul is slightly overrated.

Sutil deserves a drive in Formula 1 next year and I do hope he gets one,if he does and performs like he did at the end of 2011,he will do a very good job for sure but his late great finish may be just to late to save his career.


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