5 Things to look forward to in F1 in 2012

So with just over a month to go until the Australian Grand Prix,it’s time to look forward to the 2012 F1 season.

Fast Young Drivers

This year we will see plenty of fresh talent on the grid and it’s now a nice mix of youth and experience and I’m really looking forward to seeing these young guys race.

Toro Rosso have gone with a youthful line-up with Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne.Both clearly have talent as both men,they have both won the British Formula 3 championship and both have finished runner up in the Formula Renault 3.5 series,it should be a good battle between them and interesting to see how they do.

Also Romain Grosjean and Nico Hulkenberg are back on the grid this year.Romain had a stinker when he replaced Piquet during the 2009 season but showed great bottle to win the GP2 series last year but let’s see if he can step up to the mark this year alongside the 2007 world champion,Kimi Raikkonen.

Nico Hulkenberg is back in F1 to drive with Force India after been dropped by Williams at the end of 2010 and as we know he has an excellent record,winning both the A1GP and GP2 championships and saw his talent with a superb pole position at Brazil in 2010,it will be very interesting to see if he can beat his teammate and another young gun,Paul Di Resta.

6 World Champions on the grid

For the first time in the history of F1,there will be 6 champions on the grid.

Kimi Raikkonen returns to the sport after 2 years in the World Rally Championship.(more about his comeback later)

It’s a big year for both Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher.

Hamilton was tipped by many to dominate the sport after his sensational  2007 season and then winning the title in 2008.However since midway through 2010,his performance levels alarmingly dropped away and has been involved in many incidents and has been to blame for most of them.Lewis needs to quickly rediscover his form if he wants his Mclaren contract renewed.

Also a big year for Michael Schumacher if he wants to be in F1 in 2013.After a shocking 2010,he showed big improvements in 2011 with some super drives,especially Canada,India and Belgium.However he was still beaten by Rosberg in the championship and still the odd race where he was well off his teammate.However he can only improve still and hopefully he can get a podium if the car is up to it and prove he deserves his place in F1.

The other 3 champions,well they will be looking to continue there excellent 2011 form into 2012,Vettel,Alonso,Buton were the best drivers in the field last year.

Seb raised his game massively in 2011 and was sensational,as did Button,and as usual Alonso got everything he could out of the Ferrari.Let’s hope the top 3 teams cars will be close in 2012.

Hopefully all 6 men are at the top of there game,which would be fantastic for the fans and the sport and for a close championship  hopefully!

F1 Returns to the United States

So after a 5 year break Formula will return to the US,with a race been held in Austin,Texas(Hopefully!)

Clearly F1 will never match Nascar,NFL and other American sports  with American fans but this is a project that needs to be worked on and must commit to America for years and years,not just a few.

Hopefully a lot of Americans go to Texas to watch the race and show that they want F1 there ansd hopefully it will grow on more and becomes a success in the USA.

Great Racing

2011 was a fantastic season,with so many great races,probably the best since 2003 in my opinion,thanks to the wonderful job Pirelli did with the tyres and the DRS helping the front guys been up the front battling instead of  been held up by much slower cars.

Pirelli have promised even softer tyres this year and that difference between the compounds will be less so that we have different strategies.

Hopefully the DRS is good again but not quite as easy to overtake.

Let’s hope the compounds are a good bit closer and we have many many overtakes like we did in 2011,it promises to be another fantastic season on track with many great battles and breathtaking overtakes like Webber’s on Alonso at Spa.

Raikkonen’s Return

Love him or loathe him,Kimi Raikkonen is back in Formula 1 in 2012 after a 2 year stint in the World Rally Championship.

It’s great news for the sport that Kimi is back in Formula 1 if he has the speed that he showed throughout his time at Mclaren and in patches at Ferrari and the hunger is there and I think it is,especially after admitting he missed the wheel to wheel racing

Obviously despite what Kimi says,it will take him time to get up to speed and the tests are very important for Kimi to get used to the DRS and the Pirelli tyres.

Will Kimi do well in 2012?,it will be very interesting to see,depends on how he deal with the tyres and all the new things since he left F1 in 2009.

One thing is for sure,people will be talking about him!

What are you looking most forward to in F1 in 2012?

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