F1 Driver Ratings,Part 1.

So with the long summer break now underway for the F1 teams,it’s time to look back and see how their drivers have been doing in the first eleven races of the season.

It’s been an incredible season so far.We had seven different winners in the first seven races of the season.In recent races though,the big talents have shown their class.

So,I will now look back at how the drivers have been doing and give them a rating out of 10. 

Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel  8/10

The double world champion started the season as title favourite but it quickly became apparent that he wouldn’t have a dominant season like he did in 2011 when he blew the field away.

However,he still has been doing a very good job despite only one win.He won in Bahrain when the Lotus was the fastest car on the day,a brilliant P2 in Melbourne and a sensational drive in Valencia before been robbed by an alternator problem.

Consistent top 6 finishes means he is currently P3 in the championship and if he gets on a run like 2010 and 2011,with the car been improved,a hat-trick of titles is definitely possible.

Mark Webber 8/10

After a very poor 2011 season,Mark Webber has stepped back up and showing he still has the speed so that he can challenge the top boys.

He has been mega consistent,five fourth places plus two excellent wins at Monaco and Silvverstone,where he caught Alonso and passed him with five laps to go.

However two poor races in a row show he still can struggle from time to time and this could prove very costly this season.He needs strong races straight away when they return from the summer break if he wants a maiden title.


Jenson Button 5.5/10

Well Mr Button has been massively disappointing so far this season.After a great and dominant win in Australia,with a podium in China,things went massively downhill.

Between the Bahrain and British GP’s,he scored a miserable seven points in five races,he was embarrassingly lapped by his teammate in Canada.

However,he drove a great race in Germany and finished on the podium,with a 6th place in Hungary.He can’t win the title now but will be hoping for a strong 9 races. 

Lewis Hamilton 9/10

After a shocking 2011 season where he was constantly smashing into cars and having personal issues,the old Hamilton is now back this year.

He has had five podiums,with 2 wins at tracks where he is mega quick,Canada and Hungary.Crucially in the few races where the Mclaren lost pace,Hamilton picked up some points unlike Button and is doing a great job.

If the Mclaren continues to improve,Hamilton will most definitely challenge for the title.


Kimi Raikkonen7.5/10

After two years in WRC,Kimi returned to Formula 1 this year with the Lotus team.

It’s been a fantastic return by the Finn,an incredible five podiums in eleven races for the Iceman.He immediately got back up to a good speed and no problems in the wheel to wheel situations,although a little tentative in some moments early in the season and a hard lesson with the Pirelli tyres in China.

He blew a great chance of a win in Bahrain when he should have passed Vettel which showed a bit of rust was still there.

However,in the last 3 races,Kimi has been mega fast and some fantastic overtakes,the weather and mistakes in Qualifying have been costly,losing him some points.

If Kimi shows the speed he has shown in the last three races and improve in Qualifying,he can get right in the battle for the title.


Romain Grosjean 7/10

Eric Boullier gave Romain a second chance in Formula 1,it’s proved to be a great decision.

Romain has been mega quick on his return and showing the talent that he clearly has.He has outqualified Kimi seven times in eleven races this season and has finished on the podium three times,including a second place in Canada.

However,Kimi seems to have the legs on him since Silverstone in races,Romain has also getting involved in too many incidents,that issue can be ironed out though,he is a future winner and maybe world champion.


Fernando Alonso 10/10

Anyone who doubted this man talent before this year began can really not now.

In a car that was over a second off the pace in Melbourne,he has done an astonishing job in the first eleven races of the season,scoring points in every race incredibly.

An incredible drive in Malaysia gave him a vicory,since then he has won in Valencia and Hockenheim but as we saw in Budapest,he can only do so much.

If Ferrari do improve the car,he will win the title,if they don’t,he still might.This year has confirmed Alonso as one of the all-time greats of the sport.

Felipe Massa 3.5/10

Massa needed a strong start to 2012 and show he was back.However,he has struggled as he did in 2011 and looks like it’s only a matter of time before his F1 career is over.

He has shown flashes of the old Massa,great drive in Monaco and a good drive in Bahrain as well.Overall though he has been smashed by Alonso,including been lapped in Valencia,and finishing over a minute behind in Germany and Malaysia.

If he wants to stay in F1 next season,he needs an incredible 9 races!


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