F1 Driver Ratings,Part 2.

Read Part 1 here. https://motorsportreports.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/f1-driver-ratingspart-1/


Michael Schumacher 6.5/10

Michael may have only scored 29 points this season,but,he definitely has improved his performance from the last two years and has been terribly unlucky this season.

He finally got his first podium since he comeback with a 3rd place finish in Valencia and was robbed of  a likely one in China after one of the wheel’s wasn’t fitted on properly.He has had six retirements in eleven races,all of them bar Spain were not his fault.

He also took pole in Monaco with a stunning lap but had the five place grid penalty for his collision with Bruno Senna in Spain.

If he continues driving well and has a bit more luck,he’ll likely stay in 2013.

Nico Rosberg 7/10

Rosberg has shown signs this season that he could make a breakthrough and become one of the best drivers in the sport at the moment.

He took a fantastic win in China,owning the field in Qualifying and the race.He also drove a superb race in Monaco,finishing in second place,could have won but of course you can’t overtake in Monaco.

However,Nico reminds me a bit of Mark Webber,one storming weekend,then he can be nowhere the next.He got beaten comfortably by Schumacher at Silverstone and Hockenheim.Great drivers outperform their car.Nico needs to show that after the summer break.

Otherwise,he won’t ever get a big seat,and will probably never win a championship if he doesn’t.


Sergio Perez 7/10

Sergio has shown how much talent he has this season.

He drove a storming race in Malaysia to finish in second place behind Alonso,without the error when behind Alonso,he may have won it.He also drove a blinding race in Canada to finish in third place.

Considering the Sauber’s pace,he should have more points,however the guy has plenty of talent and if Sauber get over the blip of Hungary,more good results will come for ”Checo”.

Kamui Kobayashi 6/10

It’s been a very up and down season for the Japanese driver.

He’s had two outstanding drives in Spain and Hockenheim(fifth and fourth).However,he’s not been as consistent or as fast at most events as Perez and a couple of incidents haven’t helped.

The last nine races are crucial for Kobayashi,if they are bad,he could very easily lose his drive at Sauber,time to step up,Kamui.


Pastor Maldonado 6/10

Well,Maldonado has been in the headlines since the Spanish Grand prix,after an incredible victory their for him,and the first for Williams in over seven years,things have gone downhill for him.

He has been involved in many crashes,Hamilton in Valencia,Perez in Monaco,Silverstone,and Di Resta in Hungary which were pretty much all his fault.

There is no doubt Maldonado has speed and talent but until he uses his brain in the heat of battle,he will keep getting involved in crashes and lose vital points for Williams in the constructors.

Bruno Senna  6/10

Bruno has been regularly outpaced by Pastor this season and has underperformed in the main considering how quick that Williams car is as we’ve seen in the hands of Maldonado.

After a P6 in Malaysia with a great drive and P7 in China,he then didn’t do very much until last weekend when he drove a very good race in Hungary and finishing p7.

With Valteri Bottas showing real potential in free practice sessions,Senna will need an excellent final nine races to make sure he stays on the grid in 2013.

Force India


Force India have not had a particularly fast car this year,Di Resta is doing a very solid job without setting the world alight.

He drove a storming race in Bahrain where he finished in sixth place and has been solidly collecting points.

However,his season isn’t at great are some are making it out to be.Let’s see how he does in the last nine races and how he does against his teammate who is beginning to beat him in races now.

Nico Hulkenberg7/10


Considering he didn’t get a drive in 2011 after been unfairly let go by Williams,he’s done a very good job so far in 2012.

After a slow start,not surprisingly,he has stepped up,eighth in Monaco,then a stunning drive for fifth in Valencia with no KERS for most of the race and then qualified fourth in Germany.

If he keeps the good form up,keep beating Di Resta,and the car improves,he could be the man to get some good points for Force India.

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