The incident,FIA and penalties……………

Well for anyone who watched the race yesterday,turn 1 on the opening lap was a terrible incident and it was a very scary minute or two,thankfully they all got out of their cars and were 100% which is fantastic news.

The Incident 

You can watch the incident here.

Now,there is no question that is Romain Grosjean’s fault.He kept going right,however he was not fully ahead of Lewis and that meant Lewis and he contacted,because he left Lewis no space and Lewis lost control so it all kicked off from there.

So without question,Grosjean deserved a ban because that was simply a terrible piece of driving and hopefully he will take a long look at himself because he is getting involved in stupid incidents early in races. He definitely has talent though.Getting a few words of advice from Kimi would help.

Worrying FIA reason

What was alarming though is one of the FIA reasons for giving a penalty.An FIA statement on the incident read: “The stewards regard this incident as an extremely serious breach of the regulations which had the potential to cause injury to others. It eliminated leading championship contenders from the race.” 

The last sentence is very worrying.It doesn’t matter who gets taken out,awful driving is awful driving.Hopefully the FIA realise it’s not just championship contenders that are only important,all drivers are,because if they don’t,that is massively concerning for the future if a backmarker or slower car gets taken out like that.

Lack of consistency with penalties and what FIA should do.

There is no doubt Grosjean deserved a race ban but the FIA’s lack of consistency really leaves me scratching my head.

Hothead Pastor Maldonado has done more than enough this season to be given a race ban.What he did in Monaco smashing into Perez in practice like he did last year to Hamilton in Belgium,was more than worthy of a race ban.If he messes up again,hopefully he gets what he deserves because the amount of penalties he is getting are crazy,but deserved.

Domenicali makes a very good point about how driving behaviour must be watched in lower series’ before they may reach F1.

I haven’t watched GP2 or GP3 much this year but I watched the GP2 sprint race on Sunday morning and some of the driving was shocking.James Calado put Luiz Razia on the grass at well over 100mph but thankfully as Razia went across the track,nobody smashed into him.It was shocking driving from Calado and quite incredibly he got no penalty.

We also had this horrible incident in GP3 in Monaco earlier in the year in which Conor Daly was lucky to survive and a close shave for marshals.

As you clearly see,weaving from the Russian driver,yet,incredibly,Conor Daly got the penalty,a complete lack of sense from the stewards

Drivers think with such great safety standards these days(thanks Max Mosley and Sid Watkins),they think they can push the boundary lines,even cross it sometimes and everything will be ok.However,very soon,we’ll have a fatal crash if some of this shocking driving continues.

Hopefully yesterday will be a wake up call for some drivers in all series’ that racing is still dangerous and they need to calm down,respect and give space to the other drive when in a wheel-to-wheel battle.

The FIA should appoint the same stewards for F1,GP2,GP3,this should then mean we get consistent penalties and bans handed out for really bad driving.If a driver continually does it,then keep handing out the race bans until they learn their lesson.Even go as far as taking their licence from them if necessary for the good of motorsport.

Let’s hope we don’t have any more bad incidents in 2012 in any series.












One Response to “The incident,FIA and penalties……………”

  1. Rob McEwan Says:

    The rules are clear, I completely agree,It does seem consistency is the key here. Incidents dealt with by the stewards are considered just that, dealt with. Drivers serve their penalties and the matter is considered closed. Over the season Maldonardo has shown himself to be seriously lacking in judgement temperament and respect for a sport that is potentially fatal. For the good of the sport, If there was a cumulative punitive system, and the possibility of licence withdrawal, substandard behaviour can be eliminated. .

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