Schumacher deserves a 2013 seat if he doesn’t retire……

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days,Michael Schumacher has lost his seat at Mercedes and will be replaced by Lewis Hamilton for 2013.

I won’t be getting into was it fair or not that he was and all the other stuff.

Instead,I am going to talk about why he would deserve a 2013 seat if he decides he doesn’t want to go into retirement again(decision should come soon) and his spell at Mercedes,why it isn’t as bad as some think.

Michael’s spell at Mercedes

There can be no doubt that overall the Merc-Schumacher project has failed.However you can’t completely blame Michael as Mercedes built poor cars in 2010 and 2011,and lacking development in 2012.

It did take Michael a year and a half to get back into the groove and some of the incidents he was involved in and poor race craft,you just wouldn’t expect from a 7 times champion,even though he had been out of the sport for 3 years.It was painful to watch.

Since then though,Michael has improved considerably. 

Four top 6 finishes towards the end of last season showed he was coming back.In 2012 he has outqualified Nico 9-6(doesn’t include penalties).

Michael has had some awful luck this season though in the races.4 retirements have been due to the car when he has been fighting for points in each of those races.

However he has beaten Nico in races though,Malaysia,Valencia,Silverstone,Hockenheim,Spa and Monza so he has done well and the championship table doesn’t do him justice.

So he has matched Nico pretty much this year apart from stupid errors in Spain and Singapore while Nico has been mega consistent,finishing every race and getting that pole and win China.

His future and 2013

Michael will obviously look for a strong end to 2012 and if he has one,he’ll maybe stay.

Now,obviously we don’t know if he will retire or not.If he does he owes the sport nothing and nobody can take his records away from him

If he doesn’t,Sauber should most definitely sign him for 2013.Here’s why they should in my opinion.

-More errors than in his prime and not quite as quick but still has the speed and talent.

-Massive experience and a 7 time world champion,a big name like Schumacher for Sauber would attract sponsors.

-Can lead the Sauber team and make the car even better if they build a quick car.

Still one of the quickest drivers in Formula 1 in my opinion and could win races in a very quick car like Sauber have built this year.

So there are my reasons.

Do you agree,does he deserve another year if he doesn’t retire?Have a vote in the poll just below.




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