Michael Schumacher’s F1 career in pictures and words

A few words

Today,Michael Schumacher announced for the second time that he is retiring from Formula 1 at the end of 2012.I have no doubts this time that Schumacher will not return again.

Michael owes F1 nothing.He broke record after record and was a fierce competitor and champion,with 91 wins and 7 world championships.He did have his controversial moments but he gave us so many great moments.

So all us F1 fans owe you a big thank you and I hope he has a great retirement and wish him the best of luck in the final 6 races of his career.

Michael’s F1 career in pictures

1991:Michael makes his f1 debut in a Jordan.

1992:Michael wins his first grand prix in a Benetton ford at the Belgian Grand Prix.

1994:Michael takes the title after a controversial collision with Damon Hill in Australia.

1995:Michael wins his second title,sealing it at the Pacific GP with three races to go,taking 9 wins in 1995.

1996:Michael joins Ferrari and gets his first win for them at Bareclona in 1996 with incredible dominance in the wet conditions,showing what a special driver he was.He won 3 races in 1996.

1997:Despite the fact the Williams car was far superior,Michael brought the title race down to the final event,where after a hugely controversial collision with Villeneuve,he got thrown out of the 97 standings.

1998:Once again,despite having a slower car compared to Mika Hakkinen,Michael brings the title race to the final race again at Suzuka,where he retired after a dramatic race for him.Mika won the title after winning the GP.

1999:Michael was well in contention for the title until a shocking crashing at Silverstone broke his leg and he missed several races.On his return in Malaysia,he trounced the opposition in qualifying.It was a sign of things to come……….

2000-2004:Michael finally got his first title at Ferrari in 2000.He would incredibly take 5 titles in a row,breaking countless records in these few years and showing all F1 fans how truly good he was.

2006:After a disappointing 2005,Michael was back in the hunt in 2006.He took his 91st and currently final win in Formula 1 at the Chinese Grand Prix after an extraordinary race.Had he not had an engine failure at Suzuka while leading as well as the puncture in Brazil,he probably would have won the title.

As we know,Michael returned in 2010 to drive for Mercedes.


My previous blog what has gone wrong in his spell at Mercedes and why it wasn’t completely his fault.https://motorsportreports.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/schumacher-deserves-a-2013-seat-if-he-doesnt-retire/ (obviously didn’t know his decision when I wrote this)

He has had two great moments this year,fastest man in qualifying in Monaco,it was a magical Michael lap.Then the 3rd place in Valencia.His first podium and will probably be his only one in his second spell before he retires again.


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