Romain Grosjean:The incidents,his speed and his future.

Romain Grosjean is certainly a driver with the media’s attention on him at the moment,and it’s not in a good way.Here I will talk about the incidents,the speed he has shown,which shows he has the talent,and his future in Formula 1.

The incidents 

Let’s have a look at all the early race incidents Romain has been involved in so far in 2012.

Australia-Romain and Pastor made contact at T13 which broke the steering arm of the Lotus driver’s car.Maldonado broke very late and didn’t give Romain any space which resulted in contact.I think Romain was the innocent party in this case.

Malaysia-No doubts Romain was at fault in Malaysia.Spun Michael Schumacher around at Turn 4 on the opening lap after making a great start.

SpainIn Spain there was contact between Perez and Romain at Turn 3,it gave Perez a left rear puncture but it was just an unfortunate racing incident.

Monaco-Romain got a poor start and Alonso past him.However Alonso then moved left,Romain and Alonso had contact.Then Romain’s left rear and Schumacher’s right front contacted after Romain was forced to move left.Romain’s race was ended as the suspension was broke.

As it’s Monaco,incidents like this can happen,if a driver was in the wrong,it was Alonso.

Britain-Once again,Romain had a tiny bit of contact,this time at Turn 3 at Silverstone with Di Resta,where his front wing just clipped Di Resta’s right rear tyre.Once again,a racing incident.

Germany-Picked up a puncture on Lap one in Hockenheim and damage to the car after contact on the straight before the hairpin.This wasn’t his fault though.

Belgium-100% Romain’s fault,simply terrible driving squeezing Lewis towards the wall and then well you all know what happened.He was very lucky Alonso or another driver wasn’t seriously injured or even killed.Got a deserved race ban.

Japan-Once again,a stupid mistake from Romain at the start of the grand prix.After a good solid start and getting through Turn 1,he carried way too much speed into Turn 2 and hit Webber.Got a deserved stop-go penalty.

His speed

Romain may have been involved in many incidents so far in 2012 but the frenchman has got plenty of speed and talent and there has been plenty of examples  

He has outqualified his world champion teammate,Kimi Raikkonen,9-6.

He has also finished on the podium 3 times so far in 2012.A 3rd place in Bahrain in a mega fast Lotus was his first ever podium.

He then drove a storming race in Canada to finish 2nd,managing the tyres beautifully and finishing less than 4 seconds behind race winner,Lewis Hamilton.

Then a storming drive in Britain.After dropping to the back after an early stop,he stormed through the field and finished a fantastic 6th,not far behind his teammate.

Then he finished 3rd after a very good,solid drive in Budapest.

He also put in beautiful drives in China(6th) and Spain(4th).


The final 5 races are massive for Romain.He must cut out these stupid mistakes very soon because he is costing his team vital constructors points which means they are only fourth instead of third in the constructors championship.

However,he has not been at fault for all of the incidents like some fans think he has and unlike Maldonado,he has not used his car as a weapon(Belgium Qualifying 2011,Monaco FP3 2012).So there is no need for another ban yet like some have called for unless it’s for something like Belgium.

He could do with placing his car better early in races and get some advice from former F1 drivers,maybe even get a former driver in as a coach to help him.

There is no doubt that Romain has plenty of speed and talent as we’ve seen many times this season,and if he cuts out the errors early in races,which for his sake I hope he does,he will stay at Lotus for 2013(if a deal is not already done)without doubt and can be a future grand prix winner I think.

So,right now,I think he deserves another year in Formula 1.














One Response to “Romain Grosjean:The incidents,his speed and his future.”

  1. I have to agree with you, there is far too much Romain bashing going on out there at the moment.

    Unfortunately, He is very much on everyone’s radar at the moment, especially after Spa. Whilst I cannot support his recent driving, many of the earlier incidents in the season, whilst he was involved in them, were not his fault.

    He really needs to take a long hard look at what he is doing at the moment, dust himself off and carry on, only he can change the outcome in the final 5 races. For his drive next year, I hope he does.

    BTW, a great article, thank you

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