Hyvää syntymäpäivää Kimi Räikkönen

Happy 33rd Birthday to my hero and all-time favourite driver,Kimi Raikkonen.

Thanks for all the amazing memories in the last 12 years,with hopefully lots more to come in the future months and years.

I will be looking back at his career so far in pictures,and some funny quotes as well.

Kimi’s debut,Australia 2001.


Kimi’s best results in 2001:4th at the Austrian and Canadian GP’s .He also scored a point on his F1 debut.

Kimi signs for Mclaren in 2002.Gets his first F1 podium in the opening race of the year in Australia.He would finish the season with 4 podiums.

Kimi wins his first ever race in 2003,at the Malaysia GP. Finishes 2nd in the championship just 2 points behind Schumacher after 10 podiums.

Kimi wins one race in 2004,the Belgian Grand Prix.

Kimi wins seven races in 2005,including the breathtaking victory in Japan,from 17th to 1st.

6 podiums but no wins in 2006 for Kimi.

2007 was the year finally realised his dream.Taking the title by a point after 6 wins,and coming from 17 points down with 2 races remaining.

2008,Kimi took 2 wins early in the season,finished 3rd in the championship.

2009,Kimi took his 18th and at the moment,his last victory,at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Kimi left F1 and joined the Citroen Junior Team in the World Rally Championship.He took his first and only stage win at Rally Germany in 2010.He also had his best result in 2010,5th in Turkey.

Kimi did a second season in WRC,creating his own team,Ice one racing.He had 6 points finishes in 2011.He also did 2 NASCAR races in 2011(Truck and Nationwide series),Finishing 15th and 27th in them.

This year,Kimi has returned to Formula 1 with the Lotus F1 Team.6 podiums and 3rd in the championship with 4 races remaining.

Famous quotes

”Why do I get all the time blue flags”

”I was having a s***”

”It protects my head”(asked about does the helmet have any special meaning)

“We’re so f***ing s***, it’s unbelievable. The car is s*** because I cannot get it turned! It is so frustrating! I cannot get the f***ing car turned!”(Kimi during his Nationwide race)

”It feels normal.”(driving at 300km/h)

”I bet it’s f***ing great.”(the atmosphere at Mclaren after spygate)

”He’s strange now and then. He always wants to know everything. He doesn’t interest me.”(on Ron Dennis)

”Well, in summer there’s fishing and f***ing. And in winter… the fishing is bad.”(Kimi about Finland)

Yeah, one two.. three..”(After being asked if he speaks a little bit)

”You can talk Italian if you want to.”(Kimi asked if he will speak a bit of Italian for the media)

”It’s the 5th grid place”(Kimi asked about 5th on the grid)

More here! http://kimiisland.wordpress.com/about/

Happy Birthday wallpapers

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Keep Flying Kimi!!!!!!! 

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