Kimi’s 2012 season in results,stats,photos and videos.

In this blog,Kimi’s results in 2012,videos of overtakes and funny Kimi in 2012,and some stats too.

Race Results 

Australia 7th

Malaysia 5th

Bahrain 2nd

China 14th

Spain 3rd

Monaco 9th

Canada 8th

Europe 2nd

Britain 5th

Germany 4th

Hungary 2nd

Belgium 3rd

Italy 5th

Singapore 6th

Japan 6th

Korea 5th

India 7th

Abu Dhabi 1st

USA 6th

Brazil 10th


Kimi became the first driver since 2008 to finish every race in a season,20/20 is a new record.

Most kilometers ever completed in a season by any driver,over 6,000.

Completed 1191/1192 laps in 2012. 1191 laps completed by Kimi is a new record,but Kimi fell just one lap short of equaling Schumacher’s record of completing every lap in a season.

Points in 19 out of 20 races.

Seven podiums in his comeback year.

Two fastest laps.

One win.


Kimi makes his return to Formula 1,At the Australian grand prix,finishing 7th.

Kimi finishing 2nd in Bahrain,his first podium since his comeback.

After six podiums in 2012,Kimi finally got a deserved win in Abu Dhabi!

All photos of the 2012 season can be found here – (copy and paste that link into a tab and it will work)


Overtake videos,enjoy them!

Funny Videos

Abu Dhabi videos. P1!!!!!! 😀 

P3 in the championship for Kimi on his return,it has been a remarkable 2012 for Kimi,a fantastic return,so many great memories.

Hopefully,2013 will be even better. We will always support you Kimi,keep Flying,flying finn.

I’ll finish this blog with more pics from Abu Dhabi 🙂


One Response to “Kimi’s 2012 season in results,stats,photos and videos.”

  1. Kimi is the best driver of 2012. stats are facts!

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