No place in the F1 community for fans who boo or hate drivers

In the last year or so, the lack of respect towards drivers has been alarming. Some people on social media have come out with the most sick things.







Why it’s not acceptable and makes me angry

There is plenty more examples of this kind of vile rubbish on social media and maybe the booing is even happening at other tracks. Let’s see what they do at Silverstone.

What happened in Montreal was disgusting and unacceptable and at the BBC forum at the British GP last year.

You don’t have to like a driver, but at least you should  show respect to them (I don’t like the things Alonso says, but I respect him because he is very talented).

The booing Vettel got after he was announced to the crowd was shameful, and then they started chanting Alonso’s name while he was talking. Then the comments on social media from people praising the booing is just not right and made me very very angry indeed. 

The lack of respect for Vettel (especially) and other drivers is just shocking.

Every fan base will always have a few idiots, but in the last few years, more F1 fans have turned into those football fans who say the most vile things as shown above.  

We are truly lucky to witness this special era of formula one with four incredibly talented drivers who would have been mega in any era. Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen.

We also have multiple grand prix winners in Nico Rosberg, Mark Webber, Jenson Button (JB a WDC as well of course) and Felipe Massa. 

What if you said you wanted the driver you hate to crash and the driver then died?

What if someone said to you that you were a cancer on the world?

What if someone called you a c*** and a a n*zi? Have a big, long think about that.

People who say these things are not F1 fans and should be ashamed of themselves. You will never be welcome in the F1 community. 


13 Responses to “No place in the F1 community for fans who boo or hate drivers”

  1. Oscar Jean Diaz Bustamante Says:

    You are right, I am a Vettelista, but I respect other drivers like Alonso and Hamilton, or even the backmakers that sometimes makes mistakes like Van der Garde with Webber. Of course that thinks makes me feel anger to this Van der Looser but he is learning. So I dont get why this people be like that.

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  3. No one needs to like anyone or cheer for anyone but it’d be nice thing to respect someone for the hard work they’ve done despite your opinion on them. Booing someone isn’t going to make you feel any better. The drivers aren’t going to get slower just because they get hated on. I’m not a Vettel fan but I don’t think he won just because of luck and a fast car. People tweet such low comments because they have nothing better to do than to hate.

  4. F1 is the Pinnacle of Motorsports..ALL the drivers are insanely talented much much further than that of our kind (in vw golfs and honda civics) . These drivers are all heroes. So whether you are a fan of one team or another or even a single driver in particular, please show all the drivers some respect. Afterall..they put their lives on the line EVERY SINGLE TIME they get onto the track, just to entertain you. Nothing wrong with booing..just do it in a more civilised matter..without hate.

    Katon Black

  5. In all sports there is a form of Booing you cant take that away but social media rants like that in twitter is going to far.

  6. Last time I checked, booing was a legitimate expression of a fan’s dislike of and disgust for a villain – as it always has been. I’m talking about in-person booing. As for publishing vulgarities and profanities and spineless insults of sporting heros via social media…that’s just retarded and boorish and clear evidence of failed-parenting.

  7. As Long as I live, I will never forget the cheers that went up around Silverstone in 1999 when Schuey crashed, The crowd drowned out an F1 race because he had plowed straight on into a tire wall, there was no thought at all for his well being or life, it was like everyone at Silverstone that day was cheering to see Schuey die and I’ve never been to a british grand prix or Silverstone as a result.

    I think a bit of booing on the podium is far more respectful than baying for the death of a driver.

    It’s also worth considering that the crowds reaction may have been a sign of the disrespect that they felt by Vettel’s sense of fair play, or maybe it was a reaction to the suspicion that Red bull are using some form of traction control on their cars. Why should a crowd show respect for a sports person that doesn’t respect them, the sport, or their team?

  8. Karter22 Says:

    “Of course that thinks makes me feel anger to this Van der Looser but he is learning. So I dont get why this people be like that.”

    You talk about respecting other drivers yet you call Van der Gard, Van der looser. That says a lot about you Oscar and what direction your wind blows. It seems obvious why you feel offended about the booing.
    I agree that booing is bad but, it should be accepted because it´s the way the “masses” can express themselves and freedom of speech is a universal right, at least in most countries.

  9. Some F1 fans have become like those rowdy football fans ..

  10. Apexeater69 Says:

    Ignorance and hate are so prevalent in the world it’s no surprise they would rear their ugly head in Formula 1. These drivers are at the pinnacle of the sport and while some may not be your favorite they deserve respect for their accomplishments and the entertainment they provide to millions of enthusiasts.

  11. I agree 100% booing is disrespectful & they should be ashamed!! were not forcing you to cheer for a driver you don’t like, but have some respect for them!! I am a big Seb fan and I was really upset when he got booed after he won the race!! I don’t like Alonso but I would never dream of booing him!!

  12. Formula 1 fans should always be that cut above the rest. This is a sophisticated and advanced sport that does not have place for hooligans. Lots of people hated Schumacher as well only because he was winning.

    Calm down folks or go watch the hood rats in your neighborhood spin wheels as a sport.

  13. Unfortunately making the sport more accessible and ‘exciting’ for the general public will always bring in the idiots with little understanding.

    I used to always stick up for F1 to my friends who were into footlball and one of the main reasons was because ALL the teams and drivers were fully respected – it was about the sport itself then the drivers/teams not the other way round.

    This hostility can probably be stamped out by making sure the drivers themselves are punished for bad behaviour.

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