Kimi’s 2012 season in results,stats,photos and videos.

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In this blog,Kimi’s results in 2012,videos of overtakes and funny Kimi in 2012,and some stats too.

Race Results 

Australia 7th

Malaysia 5th

Bahrain 2nd

China 14th

Spain 3rd

Monaco 9th

Canada 8th

Europe 2nd

Britain 5th

Germany 4th

Hungary 2nd

Belgium 3rd

Italy 5th

Singapore 6th

Japan 6th

Korea 5th

India 7th

Abu Dhabi 1st

USA 6th

Brazil 10th


Kimi became the first driver since 2008 to finish every race in a season,20/20 is a new record.

Most kilometers ever completed in a season by any driver,over 6,000.

Completed 1191/1192 laps in 2012. 1191 laps completed by Kimi is a new record,but Kimi fell just one lap short of equaling Schumacher’s record of completing every lap in a season.

Points in 19 out of 20 races.

Seven podiums in his comeback year.

Two fastest laps.

One win.


Kimi makes his return to Formula 1,At the Australian grand prix,finishing 7th.

Kimi finishing 2nd in Bahrain,his first podium since his comeback.

After six podiums in 2012,Kimi finally got a deserved win in Abu Dhabi!

All photos of the 2012 season can be found here – (copy and paste that link into a tab and it will work)


Overtake videos,enjoy them!

Funny Videos

Abu Dhabi videos. P1!!!!!! 😀 

P3 in the championship for Kimi on his return,it has been a remarkable 2012 for Kimi,a fantastic return,so many great memories.

Hopefully,2013 will be even better. We will always support you Kimi,keep Flying,flying finn.

I’ll finish this blog with more pics from Abu Dhabi 🙂


Hyvää syntymäpäivää Kimi Räikkönen

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Happy 33rd Birthday to my hero and all-time favourite driver,Kimi Raikkonen.

Thanks for all the amazing memories in the last 12 years,with hopefully lots more to come in the future months and years.

I will be looking back at his career so far in pictures,and some funny quotes as well.

Kimi’s debut,Australia 2001.


Kimi’s best results in 2001:4th at the Austrian and Canadian GP’s .He also scored a point on his F1 debut.

Kimi signs for Mclaren in 2002.Gets his first F1 podium in the opening race of the year in Australia.He would finish the season with 4 podiums.

Kimi wins his first ever race in 2003,at the Malaysia GP. Finishes 2nd in the championship just 2 points behind Schumacher after 10 podiums.

Kimi wins one race in 2004,the Belgian Grand Prix.

Kimi wins seven races in 2005,including the breathtaking victory in Japan,from 17th to 1st.

6 podiums but no wins in 2006 for Kimi.

2007 was the year finally realised his dream.Taking the title by a point after 6 wins,and coming from 17 points down with 2 races remaining.

2008,Kimi took 2 wins early in the season,finished 3rd in the championship.

2009,Kimi took his 18th and at the moment,his last victory,at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Kimi left F1 and joined the Citroen Junior Team in the World Rally Championship.He took his first and only stage win at Rally Germany in 2010.He also had his best result in 2010,5th in Turkey.

Kimi did a second season in WRC,creating his own team,Ice one racing.He had 6 points finishes in 2011.He also did 2 NASCAR races in 2011(Truck and Nationwide series),Finishing 15th and 27th in them.

This year,Kimi has returned to Formula 1 with the Lotus F1 Team.6 podiums and 3rd in the championship with 4 races remaining.

Famous quotes

”Why do I get all the time blue flags”

”I was having a s***”

”It protects my head”(asked about does the helmet have any special meaning)

“We’re so f***ing s***, it’s unbelievable. The car is s*** because I cannot get it turned! It is so frustrating! I cannot get the f***ing car turned!”(Kimi during his Nationwide race)

”It feels normal.”(driving at 300km/h)

”I bet it’s f***ing great.”(the atmosphere at Mclaren after spygate)

”He’s strange now and then. He always wants to know everything. He doesn’t interest me.”(on Ron Dennis)

”Well, in summer there’s fishing and f***ing. And in winter… the fishing is bad.”(Kimi about Finland)

Yeah, one two.. three..”(After being asked if he speaks a little bit)

”You can talk Italian if you want to.”(Kimi asked if he will speak a bit of Italian for the media)

”It’s the 5th grid place”(Kimi asked about 5th on the grid)

More here!

Happy Birthday wallpapers






Keep Flying Kimi!!!!!!! 

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Romain Grosjean:The incidents,his speed and his future.

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Romain Grosjean is certainly a driver with the media’s attention on him at the moment,and it’s not in a good way.Here I will talk about the incidents,the speed he has shown,which shows he has the talent,and his future in Formula 1.

The incidents 

Let’s have a look at all the early race incidents Romain has been involved in so far in 2012.

Australia-Romain and Pastor made contact at T13 which broke the steering arm of the Lotus driver’s car.Maldonado broke very late and didn’t give Romain any space which resulted in contact.I think Romain was the innocent party in this case.

Malaysia-No doubts Romain was at fault in Malaysia.Spun Michael Schumacher around at Turn 4 on the opening lap after making a great start.

SpainIn Spain there was contact between Perez and Romain at Turn 3,it gave Perez a left rear puncture but it was just an unfortunate racing incident.

Monaco-Romain got a poor start and Alonso past him.However Alonso then moved left,Romain and Alonso had contact.Then Romain’s left rear and Schumacher’s right front contacted after Romain was forced to move left.Romain’s race was ended as the suspension was broke.

As it’s Monaco,incidents like this can happen,if a driver was in the wrong,it was Alonso.

Britain-Once again,Romain had a tiny bit of contact,this time at Turn 3 at Silverstone with Di Resta,where his front wing just clipped Di Resta’s right rear tyre.Once again,a racing incident.

Germany-Picked up a puncture on Lap one in Hockenheim and damage to the car after contact on the straight before the hairpin.This wasn’t his fault though.

Belgium-100% Romain’s fault,simply terrible driving squeezing Lewis towards the wall and then well you all know what happened.He was very lucky Alonso or another driver wasn’t seriously injured or even killed.Got a deserved race ban.

Japan-Once again,a stupid mistake from Romain at the start of the grand prix.After a good solid start and getting through Turn 1,he carried way too much speed into Turn 2 and hit Webber.Got a deserved stop-go penalty.

His speed

Romain may have been involved in many incidents so far in 2012 but the frenchman has got plenty of speed and talent and there has been plenty of examples  

He has outqualified his world champion teammate,Kimi Raikkonen,9-6.

He has also finished on the podium 3 times so far in 2012.A 3rd place in Bahrain in a mega fast Lotus was his first ever podium.

He then drove a storming race in Canada to finish 2nd,managing the tyres beautifully and finishing less than 4 seconds behind race winner,Lewis Hamilton.

Then a storming drive in Britain.After dropping to the back after an early stop,he stormed through the field and finished a fantastic 6th,not far behind his teammate.

Then he finished 3rd after a very good,solid drive in Budapest.

He also put in beautiful drives in China(6th) and Spain(4th).


The final 5 races are massive for Romain.He must cut out these stupid mistakes very soon because he is costing his team vital constructors points which means they are only fourth instead of third in the constructors championship.

However,he has not been at fault for all of the incidents like some fans think he has and unlike Maldonado,he has not used his car as a weapon(Belgium Qualifying 2011,Monaco FP3 2012).So there is no need for another ban yet like some have called for unless it’s for something like Belgium.

He could do with placing his car better early in races and get some advice from former F1 drivers,maybe even get a former driver in as a coach to help him.

There is no doubt that Romain has plenty of speed and talent as we’ve seen many times this season,and if he cuts out the errors early in races,which for his sake I hope he does,he will stay at Lotus for 2013(if a deal is not already done)without doubt and can be a future grand prix winner I think.

So,right now,I think he deserves another year in Formula 1.













Nico Hulkenberg:Not getting the credit he deserves

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I feel the need to write a blog on what a great job Nico Hulkenberg has been doing this season,especially since Valencia,because he seems to be getting no credit from any of the media in the UK and worldwide from what I’ve seen,who only seem to care about Di Resta at Force India,especially when he does well.

Yes,Nico has been outqualified by Paul Di Resta 8 times to 7 but has been more than a match for him when it has comes to races,especially recently where he has been the better driver in fact.

After somehow not getting a seat for the 2011 season after his sensational pole in Brazil and driving well in a slow Williams in 2010,it obviously did take Nico a while to get back up to speed as he had never drove on pirelli tyres before 2012 testing but did score points in Malaysia,Spain and Monaco early in the year.

In Valencia though,it was where everything came together and he drove a simply fantastic race to finish 5th,without KERS for most of the race.

2 races later in Germany he qualified a sensational 4th but Force India’s lack of  race pace meant he only finished in 9th place.

Then,a fantastic drive at Spa.Yes,Turn 1 incident was a massive help but he drove a perfect team,beating Massa,Webber and Schumacher and finished 4th,less than 3 seconds behind Kimi.Not a word in the British media though,but when Paul finished 4th,they kept going on about it.

Nico also drove beautifully in Japan,coming through from 15th to finish 7th after getting up to 8th on the opening lap,finishing just behind Kimi.

Hulkenberg has beaten Di Resta in 5 of the last 7 races they’ve both finished and I can see Nico beating Di Resta in the drivers championship at this rate,he is doing a great job since he has come back up to speed and it deserves to be recognised.

I would go as far as saying Nico has more talent,and is a better than Di Resta,and hopefully for Hulkenberg’s sake,he finishes 2012 strongly and gets a better car in 2013.Nico has impressed me hugely.


Michael Schumacher’s F1 career in pictures and words

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A few words

Today,Michael Schumacher announced for the second time that he is retiring from Formula 1 at the end of 2012.I have no doubts this time that Schumacher will not return again.

Michael owes F1 nothing.He broke record after record and was a fierce competitor and champion,with 91 wins and 7 world championships.He did have his controversial moments but he gave us so many great moments.

So all us F1 fans owe you a big thank you and I hope he has a great retirement and wish him the best of luck in the final 6 races of his career.

Michael’s F1 career in pictures

1991:Michael makes his f1 debut in a Jordan.

1992:Michael wins his first grand prix in a Benetton ford at the Belgian Grand Prix.

1994:Michael takes the title after a controversial collision with Damon Hill in Australia.

1995:Michael wins his second title,sealing it at the Pacific GP with three races to go,taking 9 wins in 1995.

1996:Michael joins Ferrari and gets his first win for them at Bareclona in 1996 with incredible dominance in the wet conditions,showing what a special driver he was.He won 3 races in 1996.

1997:Despite the fact the Williams car was far superior,Michael brought the title race down to the final event,where after a hugely controversial collision with Villeneuve,he got thrown out of the 97 standings.

1998:Once again,despite having a slower car compared to Mika Hakkinen,Michael brings the title race to the final race again at Suzuka,where he retired after a dramatic race for him.Mika won the title after winning the GP.

1999:Michael was well in contention for the title until a shocking crashing at Silverstone broke his leg and he missed several races.On his return in Malaysia,he trounced the opposition in qualifying.It was a sign of things to come……….

2000-2004:Michael finally got his first title at Ferrari in 2000.He would incredibly take 5 titles in a row,breaking countless records in these few years and showing all F1 fans how truly good he was.

2006:After a disappointing 2005,Michael was back in the hunt in 2006.He took his 91st and currently final win in Formula 1 at the Chinese Grand Prix after an extraordinary race.Had he not had an engine failure at Suzuka while leading as well as the puncture in Brazil,he probably would have won the title.

As we know,Michael returned in 2010 to drive for Mercedes.


My previous blog what has gone wrong in his spell at Mercedes and why it wasn’t completely his fault. (obviously didn’t know his decision when I wrote this)

He has had two great moments this year,fastest man in qualifying in Monaco,it was a magical Michael lap.Then the 3rd place in Valencia.His first podium and will probably be his only one in his second spell before he retires again.


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Schumacher deserves a 2013 seat if he doesn’t retire……

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days,Michael Schumacher has lost his seat at Mercedes and will be replaced by Lewis Hamilton for 2013.

I won’t be getting into was it fair or not that he was and all the other stuff.

Instead,I am going to talk about why he would deserve a 2013 seat if he decides he doesn’t want to go into retirement again(decision should come soon) and his spell at Mercedes,why it isn’t as bad as some think.

Michael’s spell at Mercedes

There can be no doubt that overall the Merc-Schumacher project has failed.However you can’t completely blame Michael as Mercedes built poor cars in 2010 and 2011,and lacking development in 2012.

It did take Michael a year and a half to get back into the groove and some of the incidents he was involved in and poor race craft,you just wouldn’t expect from a 7 times champion,even though he had been out of the sport for 3 years.It was painful to watch.

Since then though,Michael has improved considerably. 

Four top 6 finishes towards the end of last season showed he was coming back.In 2012 he has outqualified Nico 9-6(doesn’t include penalties).

Michael has had some awful luck this season though in the races.4 retirements have been due to the car when he has been fighting for points in each of those races.

However he has beaten Nico in races though,Malaysia,Valencia,Silverstone,Hockenheim,Spa and Monza so he has done well and the championship table doesn’t do him justice.

So he has matched Nico pretty much this year apart from stupid errors in Spain and Singapore while Nico has been mega consistent,finishing every race and getting that pole and win China.

His future and 2013

Michael will obviously look for a strong end to 2012 and if he has one,he’ll maybe stay.

Now,obviously we don’t know if he will retire or not.If he does he owes the sport nothing and nobody can take his records away from him

If he doesn’t,Sauber should most definitely sign him for 2013.Here’s why they should in my opinion.

-More errors than in his prime and not quite as quick but still has the speed and talent.

-Massive experience and a 7 time world champion,a big name like Schumacher for Sauber would attract sponsors.

-Can lead the Sauber team and make the car even better if they build a quick car.

Still one of the quickest drivers in Formula 1 in my opinion and could win races in a very quick car like Sauber have built this year.

So there are my reasons.

Do you agree,does he deserve another year if he doesn’t retire?Have a vote in the poll just below.



The incident,FIA and penalties……………

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Well for anyone who watched the race yesterday,turn 1 on the opening lap was a terrible incident and it was a very scary minute or two,thankfully they all got out of their cars and were 100% which is fantastic news.

The Incident 

You can watch the incident here.

Now,there is no question that is Romain Grosjean’s fault.He kept going right,however he was not fully ahead of Lewis and that meant Lewis and he contacted,because he left Lewis no space and Lewis lost control so it all kicked off from there.

So without question,Grosjean deserved a ban because that was simply a terrible piece of driving and hopefully he will take a long look at himself because he is getting involved in stupid incidents early in races. He definitely has talent though.Getting a few words of advice from Kimi would help.

Worrying FIA reason

What was alarming though is one of the FIA reasons for giving a penalty.An FIA statement on the incident read: “The stewards regard this incident as an extremely serious breach of the regulations which had the potential to cause injury to others. It eliminated leading championship contenders from the race.” 

The last sentence is very worrying.It doesn’t matter who gets taken out,awful driving is awful driving.Hopefully the FIA realise it’s not just championship contenders that are only important,all drivers are,because if they don’t,that is massively concerning for the future if a backmarker or slower car gets taken out like that.

Lack of consistency with penalties and what FIA should do.

There is no doubt Grosjean deserved a race ban but the FIA’s lack of consistency really leaves me scratching my head.

Hothead Pastor Maldonado has done more than enough this season to be given a race ban.What he did in Monaco smashing into Perez in practice like he did last year to Hamilton in Belgium,was more than worthy of a race ban.If he messes up again,hopefully he gets what he deserves because the amount of penalties he is getting are crazy,but deserved.

Domenicali makes a very good point about how driving behaviour must be watched in lower series’ before they may reach F1.

I haven’t watched GP2 or GP3 much this year but I watched the GP2 sprint race on Sunday morning and some of the driving was shocking.James Calado put Luiz Razia on the grass at well over 100mph but thankfully as Razia went across the track,nobody smashed into him.It was shocking driving from Calado and quite incredibly he got no penalty.

We also had this horrible incident in GP3 in Monaco earlier in the year in which Conor Daly was lucky to survive and a close shave for marshals.

As you clearly see,weaving from the Russian driver,yet,incredibly,Conor Daly got the penalty,a complete lack of sense from the stewards

Drivers think with such great safety standards these days(thanks Max Mosley and Sid Watkins),they think they can push the boundary lines,even cross it sometimes and everything will be ok.However,very soon,we’ll have a fatal crash if some of this shocking driving continues.

Hopefully yesterday will be a wake up call for some drivers in all series’ that racing is still dangerous and they need to calm down,respect and give space to the other drive when in a wheel-to-wheel battle.

The FIA should appoint the same stewards for F1,GP2,GP3,this should then mean we get consistent penalties and bans handed out for really bad driving.If a driver continually does it,then keep handing out the race bans until they learn their lesson.Even go as far as taking their licence from them if necessary for the good of motorsport.

Let’s hope we don’t have any more bad incidents in 2012 in any series.