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F1 fans and double standards

Posted in F1 with tags , , , on July 31, 2013 by James O'Connor

Double standards (1)

Some F1 fans seem to decide which drivers have bad luck and someone else doesn’t. This is when they don’t even know the facts.

Let’s pick the Red Bull drivers as an example.

Webber has had a lot of bad luck without a doubt and people feel sorry for him for ages after events, but when Vettel has a problem, it’s not bad luck and people celebrate it and say he deserves it. Quite incredible. Double standards once again.

If you look at this, Vettel has had just as many problems as Webber – http://

That just shows how good a driver Vettel is. He has been able to bounce back from bad luck.

Double standards (2)

When Massa (Japan 2013) and Webber (Silverstone 2011) ignored team orders, people were delighted they did it and praised them. I’m glad they did as well as we want to see drivers race.

The double standards strike once again when it comes to Malaysia 2013. Vettel did the exact same thing and people said he is a ”nazi”, a cancer on the sport, I hope he crashes and dies and he should be banned. Absolutely disgraceful abuse and complete hypocrisy.


There’s more examples, mainly Vettel ones. Two I feel is enough for now.

Be VERY careful what you believe on twitter. Quite a lot of fans go in the double standards category in my opinion.

Just so you know Vettel fans (as they get abused the most), some fans of other drivers have serious respect for him. I would be one of those. We’ve got your back.

I end the blog with the following message under the picture. This is just my opinion.



Mark and Felipe,raise your game or else………

Posted in F1 with tags , , on February 23, 2012 by James O'Connor

2012 is a massive year for Red Bull’s Mark Webber and Ferrari’s Felipe Massa with  both men,especially Felipe,fighting to save there F1 careers possibly but certainly to save there drives at two of the top 3 teams.Both men are under pressure after a disappointing 2011 for both of them.

Felipe Massa

Massa is especially under pressure,after his terrible accident in Hungary 2009,he has not been the same driver,he has been destroyed by Alonso in 2010 and 2011 in both Qualifying and Races.The stats below show how much Alonso has dominated at Ferrari.

2010(Races) Alonso 15-4 Massa

2011(Races) Alonso 16-3 Massa

In 2007 and 2008 he could pull out a special lap in Qualifying and control a race,sadly this no longer happens,Hungary 2009 is still in his head in my honest opinion and of course Alonso is a world class driver but only 3 podiums in two years is just not good enough and no podium finish in 2011.

A slight factor also has been the way Fernando is  massively favoured,Massa has been moved out of the way a number of times,Germany 2010 been the biggest one when Massa seem to be heading for his first victory after his accident in Hungary,also been told to move out of the way at Australia and Japan 2011.

However that does not excuse his poor performances,he is lucky to have kept his seat for 2012 and unless he improves 100%,his F1 career will probably be over.I hope he raises his game but I fear he won’t,especially against such a world class teammate.

Mark Webber

After a heartbreaking and narrow championship loss in 2010,Mark Webber had a very average 2011,even though he only retired from one race and despite finishing in the top 5 in every race he finished.The stats tell everything

2010(Races) Vettel 11-7 Webber,(both retired from the Korean GP)

2011(Races) Vettel 16-3 Webber

In 2011 Mark was hammered by Seb.

Seb had massive confidence after his 2010 title win,and cut out the rookie errors of 2010 and then established himself as the team leader as Webber struggled to beat the Mclaren’s and Ferrari’s and really struggled with the Pirelli tyres compared to his teammate and Button.

He could not touch Vettel in Qualifying or the races like he did in 2010.

When Seb did have problems,Germany and Abu Dhabi spring to mind,Webber failed to take full advantage,which he did in 2010 and went back to the pretty average driver of previous years before 2010.

Unless he ups his game this year,once again he will be hammered by Seb and if the championship for the constructors is tight and he is reason they lose it,I think Webber won’t be offered a new deal and will have to find another team but that would be hard considering his age,possibly a swap with Massa?

we shall see how they do in 2012………

What do you think?,Can they step-up or will both Felipe and Mark lose there seats at the end of 2012?

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Lewis and Felipe,stop the feud!

Posted in F1 with tags , , on November 2, 2011 by James O'Connor

Dear Lewis and Felipe

Quite frankly Formula 1 fans are sick and tired of your childish behavior in recent months and it’s getting to the point where you ruining F1 weekends for most of the fans with your constant arguements since your incidents in Monaco

Thought’s of people on twitter

(@MissBethAndrews) ”stop it,children,will hurt each other,both champ material buggering it up

(@LawlessonF1) ”oh it’s clearly out of order! I’d hate to see another Prost & Senna style clash

(@BenF1_) ”Hamilton is going through a tough patch, he’s apologetic, Massa is being a bit pathetic really”

(@GomezGooner) ”Lewis doesn’t make personal insults at Massa and Massa says he doesn’t have an issue with Lewis. Media stir it”

Thought’s of people on facebook

Maurice ”disgraceful

Matt ”big babies

As you can see most thing your behavior is childish and unacceptable but some don’t.

Grudges get you nowhere and after the death’s of Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli you two guys really need to sort out your issues because you just never know when you could be taken away

So on behalf of F1 fans,sort it out,show respect to each other and be like you were before the incidents this year and then hopefully we could see you guys fighting for wins again!

Image © Zimbio

Kind Regards