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20 images from the 2012 season

Posted in F1 with tags , , , , on December 19, 2012 by James O'Connor

Instead of writing a long review of the season which would bore people after reading about 26,467 before this(if you haven’t,try any big F1 site),I will put up an image for each race with a tiny bit of writing only.

20 images for 20 races,one for each grand prix.

The photos will be only from on the track or podium pictures in 2012. None of the off track controversy.


In a mostly dull race,Button took a dominant win.

The photo chosen though is the dramatic moment on the final lap when Maldonado crashes out of 6th place chasing Alonso.

Maldonadoaustralia Malaysia

Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez drove incredible races to finish 1st and 2nd. Perez could have won if it wasn’t for this mistake he made a few laps from the end.



Nico Rosberg took a dominant victory,the first in his career. Kimi Raikkonen who was running 2nd with a few laps to go,hit the ”cliff” and dropped to 14th. The picture shows him heading for the tyre marbles after Vettel overtook him.



Sebastian Vettel takes the win,his first of the year,after Kimi Raikkonen fails to take the one chance he got as you can see in this photo.



Maldonado stuns the F1 world after storming to victory in Spain,beating home hero Fernando Alonso. Williams’ first win since Brazil 2004.



A very dull grand prix won by Mark Webber. The only dramatic moment was when Grosjean,Schumacher and Alonso had contact. Grosjean would retire.



In a dramatic race,Lewis Hamilton won,while Romain Grosjean scored his first ever formula one podium with a second place finish.



After the SC,a breathtaking race with Alonso winning from 11th on the grid after Vettel’s alternator failed on him.

Raikkonen and Schumacher(his first and only podium after his return)completed the podium.

It was the first time since the 05 French GP that the three of them were on the podium together.


Great Britain

After an intriguing grand prix,Webber took the win with a late race overtake on Alonso. Webber would not win again in 2012.



German grand prix was a cracking race with some fantastic battles. Alonso won the race. The photo here is Vettel illegally overtaking Button,which meant he dropped from 2nd to 5th and lose more ground in the championship.



Kimi Raikkonen’s charge from 5th to 2nd made this race a tiny bit exciting.

In the photo Kimi fends off Grosjean after coming out of the pits. Lewis Hamilton won the race.

Formula One World Championship, Rd11, Hungarian Grand Prix, Race Day, Budapest, Hungary, Sunday 29 July 2012.


The scariest moment of the season. After not giving Lewis Hamilton enough space,Lewis touched Romain,Romain Grosjean took off,and was was not far away from hitting Alonso’s head. Grosjean received a race ban. Button comfortably won.

Belgium Formula One Grand Prix


Hamilton took a dominant win at Monza.Sergio Perez drove a magnificent race to finish 2nd from 13th on the grid.

Vettel got a controversial penalty after an incident with Alonso as you can see in the picture.

tumblr_ma5fwfpDxy1rpb6e6o1_500 tumblr_ma5fwfpDxy1rpb6e6o1_500


Lewis Hamilton was heading for a certain victory until his car broke down again. Vettel took the victory after almost getting clouted into from behind from Button during the SC period.



Alonso’s lost himself the championship ultimately in this race. He squeezed Kimi Raikkonen heading into turn 1 which resulted in contact and gave Alonso a puncture. His engine cut out,game over. Vettel won again.

The photo I chose though is the Japanese fans who were amazing after Kobayashi finished on the podium. The best in the world.

Japan F1 GP Auto Racing


In a rather dull grand prix,Nico Hulkenberg’s brilliant double overtake on Grosjean and Hamilton was easily the highlight of the race(sadly no picture). Sebastian Vettel won the race to make it three in a row,which meant he took the championship lead.



Vettel took a fourth successive win. Fernando Alonso finished 2nd after a great drive. The photo is the breathtaking battle between Button,Hamilton and Alonso on Lap 1.


Abu Dhabi

After a dramatic weekend where Vettel started at the back and came home 3rd,Kimi Raikkonen secured his first win since the 2009 Belgian Grand Prix with a storming drive.



An amazing first race in Austin with Vettel and Hamilton the class of the field. Hamilton took the win after Karthikeyan held Vettel up in S1,using DRS to overtake the double world champion.



Vettel took home a third successive championship after a dramatic finale in Brazil. His friend and mentor when he was a kid,Michael Schumacher,let him through to give him two extra points which gave the title by 3 points. If you believe in fate,then that was fate.Button won the race.

Mercedes Formula One driver Michael Schumacher of Germany congratulates compatriot Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel after the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix


Image © Zimbio,Getty Images,Sutton Images,BBC