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Bad F1 ”fans” on social media,take a long look at yourselves

Posted in F1 with tags , , , on December 16, 2012 by James O'Connor

I joined twitter at the end of 2009,I obviously didn’t expect to meet so many great f1 fans over the last 3 years or so. It’s a fantastic place in the main and I highly recommend it if you haven’t joined in yet.

Until 2011,it was a great place for f1 fans to chat,and everyone would respect each others opinions. Also when another driver won that somebody didn’t support,the respect would be there and they would get congratulated.It was good to see.

In the last couple of years though,things really have changed now.

People have started joining,who are quite frankly a disgrace to this planet.

I’ve seen countless times in the last two years or so where fans of drivers have started wishing crashes on other drivers,some even going as far as saying they hope drivers die in a crash,or some other way.

Now,I ask these people,what if your driver crashed and could never race again? or if a family member of yours was seriously injured in a car accident? It’s simply shocking people are thinking this,never mind tweeting it.

Think about what could happen if your wish came true. You would feel guilty for the rest of your life. I ask you why do you think this? You really need help.

As well,people tweeting racist stuff about Lewis Hamilton are sick too. How dare you bring his skin color into it. 

So please,you may not like the personalty of a certain driver,but,respect every driver,no racist tweets,and don’t wish bad things on drivers.

They put their lives at risk for us each weekend to give us so many great moments and memories that would last a lifetime.

Please consider your actions,because they’re not right at all. Right now,you are not F1 fans,you are sick people.