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F1 fans and double standards

Posted in F1 with tags , , , on July 31, 2013 by James O'Connor

Double standards (1)

Some F1 fans seem to decide which drivers have bad luck and someone else doesn’t. This is when they don’t even know the facts.

Let’s pick the Red Bull drivers as an example.

Webber has had a lot of bad luck without a doubt and people feel sorry for him for ages after events, but when Vettel has a problem, it’s not bad luck and people celebrate it and say he deserves it. Quite incredible. Double standards once again.

If you look at this, Vettel has had just as many problems as Webber – http://

That just shows how good a driver Vettel is. He has been able to bounce back from bad luck.

Double standards (2)

When Massa (Japan 2013) and Webber (Silverstone 2011) ignored team orders, people were delighted they did it and praised them. I’m glad they did as well as we want to see drivers race.

The double standards strike once again when it comes to Malaysia 2013. Vettel did the exact same thing and people said he is a ”nazi”, a cancer on the sport, I hope he crashes and dies and he should be banned. Absolutely disgraceful abuse and complete hypocrisy.


There’s more examples, mainly Vettel ones. Two I feel is enough for now.

Be VERY careful what you believe on twitter. Quite a lot of fans go in the double standards category in my opinion.

Just so you know Vettel fans (as they get abused the most), some fans of other drivers have serious respect for him. I would be one of those. We’ve got your back.

I end the blog with the following message under the picture. This is just my opinion.



Why Sebastian Vettel is a special talent despite what haters say

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”Vettel only wins because he has the best car.” ”Vettel was lucky in 2012”. ”Vettel needs to win another title at a different team to be a truly great driver”. ”Vettel has never been in a slow car and we need to see him prove himself in a slow car”.  ”Vettel is favoured by Red Bull Racing”. These are the reasons the haters use to constantly use to bash Sebastian Vettel with.

Well, let’s have a look at the facts shall we.


.Vettel is the only driver to have got a podium (the extraordinary win at Monza) and top 5 finishes for Toro Rosso in their history, including an incredible fourth in the 2007 Chinese Grand Prix The Torro Rosso was not even a top three car in either of those years, which means he has proved himself in a slower car.

.Vettel has beaten his teammate every year since he started in F1. 

.Vettel has won in each full season he has had in F1. 

.Vettel is the youngest triple world champion in F1 history.

.Vettel is the youngest winner and pole sitter in F1 history.

.Vettel has the most poles of anyone on the current grid, and already third on the all-time list after just 5 and bit seasons.

Why Vettel is so good

A brilliant qualifier and starter when on pole: Vettel makes Sundays much easier for himself by grabbing pole regularly. Is that his fault? No, it isn’t, even though the haters get mad saying it’s ”boring”. When he gets pole, he usually takes full advantage like a great driver does and gets out of the DRS zone early in races and usually wins.

Austin 2012: A stunning lap

Now a great overtaker who has learned from his mistakes: After some very silly moves in wheel-to-wheel combat in 2010 (Turkey and Belgium come to mind), Vettel has improved hugely in wheel-to-wheel battles since then. We saw plenty of evidence last year that he can fight through the field, especially in Belgium, Abu Dhabi and Brazil. It showed he’s a really great racer now.

Turkey 2010: A very bad error

Malaysia 2013: Making a brilliant move without crashing. Learned from Turkey 2010

Massive mental strength to recover from huge blows: Vettel’s mental strength is seriously impressive. Everyone talks about Alonso’s mind games and how they get into his rivals minds, but they haven’t got in Sebastian’s head.

Twice in three years the title went down to the final race, and both times the German held his nerve to take the title and deny Alonso. His drive in Brazil last year from the back was truly special.

Everyone talks about Alonso’s bad luck in 2012 (the accident in Belgium was awful of course, Japan was his fault in my opinion), but the haters easily forget that Vettel was cruelly robbed of an easy victory in Valencia.

He gets the maximum out of the car and the cars he has had are not as dominant as people think: He made stupid errors in 2010 (+ quite a bit of bad luck) which made it harder than it should have been, the one year Red Bull did have quite an advantage over the field.

Since then though, I feel the young German has really got the best out of the car pretty much every single weekend.

In 2011, it wasn’t as easy as Vettel made it look. He crushed the whole field but many in the paddock and some fans of F1, including myself, thought the Mclaren was just as fast for most of that season. Sadly Lewis Hamilton had personal problems + Vettel’s brilliance were the main reason why we didn’t see a close championship.

It was the same last year in terms of car speed, with the Mclaren the fastest car at a number of races. Hamilton though was mega but had a lot of bad luck in 2012. Vettel kept bringing home the car in the points and then went and won four successive races to gain the championship lead and never lost it from there.

If the Red Bull was so dominant, Webber would be second in the championship every year, but he has never finished second, which once again shows how good Sebastian Vettel.

He has destroyed Webber: Mark is a very popular driver with a lot of fans and highly rated driver by a lot of people in the paddock. Why is he popular with fans? I don’t know. He is a hypocrite in my honest opinion. On his day in fairness to him, he can beat Sebastian with some serious speed.

However, Vettel is fast everywhere and Webber doesn’t have the speed over the whole season and consistency to get near Vettel in the championship. The one chance he had was in 2010 when Vettel had a lot more bad luck than him which people tend to forget, he bottled it in Korea when he crashed out of the race.

In 2011 and 2012, Vettel has hammered Webber and is doing so once again so far in 2013.

His overtakes (T1 and then T4)  on Webber in Malaysia were incredible and showed he didn’t forget Silverstone 2011 or Brazil 2012. Good on the young german for taking him on and beating him. And good on him for not apologising to Webber who got a taste of his own medicine.

He needs to win another championship in car another to be a true great”: That’s what some haters say. What a load of absolute load of nonsense that is. Alonso has only won his championships in the Renault, so going by your logic Vettel haters, Alonso can’t be a true great either.

A bunch of hypocrites.


Vettel is a very special talent, and even though I’m a massive Kimi fan and is the only driver I support, Vettel is great to watch. 

He consistently gets bashed by ”fans” (haters really) of other drivers and Andrew Benson (BBCF1 chief writer and Alonso fanboy), but he has more class and has done way more in his life already than any of them ever will. They can keep bashing away, but the facts are ignored by them and all the evidence is over the internet that they’re wrong.

He consistently delivers wins, podiums and championships. He has broken many many records along the way to his three world championships so far, showing how special he is at the wheel of an F1 car. He could become the greatest driver in the history of F1. 

Instead of some hating him, some people should respect Vettel for his brilliance.



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Malaysian GP – The incident – Webber – A defence of Sebastian Vettel

Posted in F1 with tags , , on March 25, 2013 by James O'Connor

The incident 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since yesterday – a dramatic and controversial race in Malaysia yesterday was won by Sebastian Vettel after he ignored team orders to stay in position behind Mark Webber,who was leading the grand prix. 

It all began to start on Lap 26 when Vettel said the following on team radio “Mark is too slow, get him out of the way”. Red Bull ignored his request.

Then after Vettel pitted on Lap 42,Webber pitted on Lap 43. He came out just in front of the German.

After surviving that initial attack,Seb got through a couple of laps later after an incredible scrap and went on to win comfortably.

Webber was obviously massively unhappy after the race 

I don’t feel sorry for Mark Webber

Does Webber have the right though to be that unhappy? No,in my opinion. I don’t feel sorry for him as the next bit show why. Clear double standards and ”memory loss” from Webber. He just got beaten by a better driver on the day and the previous three years. 

Let’s rewind the clock back to Silverstone 2011. Vettel was in second with Webber in third nearing the end of the race. The team said to Mark to back it off,but he didn’t. He failed to overtake though.

Webber said this after the race – “Of course I ignored the team because I wanted to try and get a place. Seb was doing his best, I was doing my best. I wasn’t going to crash with anyone.”

Defence of Sebastian Vettel

So,I now move on to Vettel’s part in this drama today.

He was told by Horner on the radio to maintain position. Also known as ”multi 21.”

However,he didn’t do that and went on to overtake Webber after a huge scrap between them. He then pulled away to take a comfortable win.

Should he have ignored the team? Probably not and it could be a mistake come the end of the year if he needs help from Webber. I can completely understand why he did it though.

With Fernando Alonso,the man most likely to be his main championship rival in 2013 out of the race,Sebastian needed to take full advantage of that,and he did. Brilliantly in fact.

Those 7 extra points could be massive at the end of the 2013 championship.

It was brilliant and quite refreshing to see someone ignore team orders and just go for it. Vettel showed his speed and class today. He showed once again how good he now is at racing wheel-to-wheel and getting the overtakes done.

I don’t want to see boring processions and I want to thank Sebastian for doing what he did today. That’s why I watch Formula One. To see thrilling,side-by-side action and no team orders ruining it for us. It’s a massive shame Rosberg didn’t do the same.

F1 is about winning and not trying to please the fans. Sebastian is doing a great job and today just confirmed to me how much I respect the guy. He grabbed that race like Schumacher,Alonso or Senna would have and took the win.

Vettel is a human being like all of us,we all make mistakes.

Double standards and hypocrites on social media

I’ve been on twitter for about 4 years now. Clearly there is a lot of silly people on their who hate drivers so much and really are a tarnish on the sport. The main one seems to be Vettel,which showed today.

Alonso has cried on the radio so many times in the last few years when he has been stuck behind Massa. However,not many people complained too much about it.

However,when Vettel asked RBR to do something to move Webber out of the way,twitter exploded with anger. Stuff like ”it’s your job to overtake.” Complete and utter hypocrisy from people on twitter.

Then when Vettel does pass Webber,he is a ”cheat”,a ”n**i”,and should be banned for a race even. Pathetic.

Just because Sebastian is German and a bloody great driver,people get mad when he wins. It’s a disgrace. It was the same with Michael Schumacher. It’s not their fault they have dominated in recent times.

When Alonso complains and cries on the radio,it’s fine. When Massa moves out of the way,it’s fine.

The ”fans” love him even though he never takes the blame and plays stupid mind games. I don’t like Alonso’s behaviour,but I respect him because he is very talented.

The same goes with the ”fans” for Webber. He was a hero for ignoring team orders in 2011 at the British Grand Prix. Today,Vettel got hammered for doing exactly the same thing. A load of hypocrites all over twitter.

I just find it disgraceful and a worry as ”fans” get more like football ”fans”. Vettel is a special talent who should be admired for what he is achieving in the sport right now. I hope some ”fans” take a long look in the mirror and realise soon how lucky they are to see Vettel racing during their lifetime. 



20 images from the 2012 season

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Instead of writing a long review of the season which would bore people after reading about 26,467 before this(if you haven’t,try any big F1 site),I will put up an image for each race with a tiny bit of writing only.

20 images for 20 races,one for each grand prix.

The photos will be only from on the track or podium pictures in 2012. None of the off track controversy.


In a mostly dull race,Button took a dominant win.

The photo chosen though is the dramatic moment on the final lap when Maldonado crashes out of 6th place chasing Alonso.

Maldonadoaustralia Malaysia

Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez drove incredible races to finish 1st and 2nd. Perez could have won if it wasn’t for this mistake he made a few laps from the end.



Nico Rosberg took a dominant victory,the first in his career. Kimi Raikkonen who was running 2nd with a few laps to go,hit the ”cliff” and dropped to 14th. The picture shows him heading for the tyre marbles after Vettel overtook him.



Sebastian Vettel takes the win,his first of the year,after Kimi Raikkonen fails to take the one chance he got as you can see in this photo.



Maldonado stuns the F1 world after storming to victory in Spain,beating home hero Fernando Alonso. Williams’ first win since Brazil 2004.



A very dull grand prix won by Mark Webber. The only dramatic moment was when Grosjean,Schumacher and Alonso had contact. Grosjean would retire.



In a dramatic race,Lewis Hamilton won,while Romain Grosjean scored his first ever formula one podium with a second place finish.



After the SC,a breathtaking race with Alonso winning from 11th on the grid after Vettel’s alternator failed on him.

Raikkonen and Schumacher(his first and only podium after his return)completed the podium.

It was the first time since the 05 French GP that the three of them were on the podium together.


Great Britain

After an intriguing grand prix,Webber took the win with a late race overtake on Alonso. Webber would not win again in 2012.



German grand prix was a cracking race with some fantastic battles. Alonso won the race. The photo here is Vettel illegally overtaking Button,which meant he dropped from 2nd to 5th and lose more ground in the championship.



Kimi Raikkonen’s charge from 5th to 2nd made this race a tiny bit exciting.

In the photo Kimi fends off Grosjean after coming out of the pits. Lewis Hamilton won the race.

Formula One World Championship, Rd11, Hungarian Grand Prix, Race Day, Budapest, Hungary, Sunday 29 July 2012.


The scariest moment of the season. After not giving Lewis Hamilton enough space,Lewis touched Romain,Romain Grosjean took off,and was was not far away from hitting Alonso’s head. Grosjean received a race ban. Button comfortably won.

Belgium Formula One Grand Prix


Hamilton took a dominant win at Monza.Sergio Perez drove a magnificent race to finish 2nd from 13th on the grid.

Vettel got a controversial penalty after an incident with Alonso as you can see in the picture.

tumblr_ma5fwfpDxy1rpb6e6o1_500 tumblr_ma5fwfpDxy1rpb6e6o1_500


Lewis Hamilton was heading for a certain victory until his car broke down again. Vettel took the victory after almost getting clouted into from behind from Button during the SC period.



Alonso’s lost himself the championship ultimately in this race. He squeezed Kimi Raikkonen heading into turn 1 which resulted in contact and gave Alonso a puncture. His engine cut out,game over. Vettel won again.

The photo I chose though is the Japanese fans who were amazing after Kobayashi finished on the podium. The best in the world.

Japan F1 GP Auto Racing


In a rather dull grand prix,Nico Hulkenberg’s brilliant double overtake on Grosjean and Hamilton was easily the highlight of the race(sadly no picture). Sebastian Vettel won the race to make it three in a row,which meant he took the championship lead.



Vettel took a fourth successive win. Fernando Alonso finished 2nd after a great drive. The photo is the breathtaking battle between Button,Hamilton and Alonso on Lap 1.


Abu Dhabi

After a dramatic weekend where Vettel started at the back and came home 3rd,Kimi Raikkonen secured his first win since the 2009 Belgian Grand Prix with a storming drive.



An amazing first race in Austin with Vettel and Hamilton the class of the field. Hamilton took the win after Karthikeyan held Vettel up in S1,using DRS to overtake the double world champion.



Vettel took home a third successive championship after a dramatic finale in Brazil. His friend and mentor when he was a kid,Michael Schumacher,let him through to give him two extra points which gave the title by 3 points. If you believe in fate,then that was fate.Button won the race.

Mercedes Formula One driver Michael Schumacher of Germany congratulates compatriot Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel after the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix


Image © Zimbio,Getty Images,Sutton Images,BBC


Abu Dhabi GP preview,have your Pillows at the ready!

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So this weekend the F1 circus heads to Abu Dhabi for the third time and if the last 2 races there are anything to go by,staying awake will be a great achievement for all F1 fans.

Qualifying will be good to watch because in the final sector,the drivers can make a difference and that will mean a good lap turns into a bad lap but or a good one turns into a great one

However I fear the race will be a snorefest once again even with the DRS been used this year,I hope I’m wrong but I fear most of us could end up falling asleep,so keep your pillows beside you!!

initially they promised to make changes but then backtracked on that

Incredibly they say they want to delay it until they see how this years race gone,with virtually no overtaking in the previous 2 events here,a silly error on there part.

Something just tells me that the Mclaren’s will get a 1-2 due to the very long straights at Abu Dhabi and as we know,in most races this season,the Mclaren has been as fast as the Red Bull in race trim so that’s why I think Seb will only be 3rd and Hamilton is due a storming drive and as always Alonso will somehow get that Ferrari in there challenging for a podium.Webber struggled here badly last year and I expect the same to happen again this weekend








Drivers to watch

Vitaly Petrov:After a fantastic start to the year with a 3rd place in Australia,Petrov’s and Renault’s year has gone downhill ever since.Other teams have improved there car massively since Australia but Renault have been going backwards at the same time,gotta feel the drivers have underperformed as well though.

So this is a massive weekend for Petrov,he has 2 races to show he deserves another year in F1 with Renault,if he continues to struggle though I think the game is up for him so expect him to give 110% this weekend and then we’ll see what happens.If he has a race like he did at Abu Dhabi last year,it may just save his career

Adrian Sutil:Another driver whose F1 career hangs in the balance.With Hulkenberg and Di Resta likely to get the Force India seats,he needs great drives in the final races to get a seat somewhere next year,Williams the best available seat and looks like it will be him or Raikkonen that will get it.

After been outpaced by Di Resta early in the year in Qualifying,he has fought back well with a 6th in Germany,7th in Belgium and an 8th in Singapore so expect to give it everything this weekend and in Brazil to try and get a seat in F1 next year.

Lap of the track

Pole lap from Sebastian Vettel last year

Track stats
Circuit Length:5.554km
Lap Record:1:40.279
Can Sebastian make it 3 wins in a row in Abu Dhabi?
We will find out on Sunday Afternoon…………

Vettel eases to Indian GP win

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2 Time World Champion Sebastian Vettel took another dominant victory at the inaugural  Indian Grand Prix,his 11th win of the season it what was a dull race in the main,with Jenson Button 2nd and Fernando Alonso in 3rd.

The Start

Vettel led away with Webber for once getting a decent start and holding onto 2nd after Alonso lost the back end into T1 which meant Button got through to take 3rd.

Behind there was chaos,Barrichello hit Kobayashi and lost his front wing,then Kamui as he returned into the track he had contact with Timo Glock,both men would retire.Then up at turn 3,Karthikeyan hit Trulli which would result in a puncture for the Team Lotus driver.Button would then pass Webber down the long straight into turn 4 to take 2nd place.Michael had the usual great start,getting into 8th place.

Vettel soon pulled a gap to Button,who was defending very hard from Webber but would then pull away as Mark’s tyres started to wear,with Alonso,Massa and Hamilton rounding out the Top 6.After poor starts the Toro Rossos fell behind Sutil but soon both would get past to move up to 9th and 10th,with Alguersuari ahead of Buemi,However Buemi would retire just before the midway point with what looked like an engine failure,while Maldonado would retire with a technical problem.

Massa V Hamilton

Massa jumped Hamilton at the start and then the gap was mainly between 1.5-2.0 until Massa outbraked himself into turn 1 on Lap 24 and on Lap 25 Hamilton had a go into T5,he was almost alongside but Massa turned into the corner and you guessed it,yet more contact between these two,Hamilton had damage to his front wing and was forced to pit,he would also struggle for pace after this incident.Massa would then retire on Lap 34 after hitting the orange kerb and broke the suspension again like he did in Qualifying.Lewis would come home 7th.

From there Vettel continued to lead from Button,Alonso,Webber,Fernando jumped Mark after the final pitstops,again due to Mark destroying his tyres and that’s the way it would stay.Vettel grabbed another record today by leading the most laps in a season,he took that from Nigel Mansell.Michael Schumacher drove a great race from 11th finishing 5th after jumping his teammate at the final stops after been much faster in the stint.

Celebrations were muted as the top 3 paid respects to Marco Simoncelli and Dan Wheldon,there was also a minutes silence before the race began. 

Driver and Constructor standings can be found here














13.Di Resta













Race Rating:5/10

Driver of the day:Sebastian Vettel

Images © Zimbio






Vettel takes yet another pole in India

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Sebastian Vettel took his thirteen pole of the season at the inaugural Indian Grand Prix,it was also Red Bull’s sixteen of the year,a new record,from Lewis Hamilton,who would drop to 5th after his 3 place grid penalty,which meant Mark Webber joined his teammate on the front row,with Alonso bumped up to third.


No surprises in this session,both Lotus’,Virgins and HRT’s were knocked out as was Kamui Kobayashi,Sauber really lacking pace recently and that trend seems to have continued in India.Both Jenson Button and Michael Schumacher had to use a new set of soft tyres to get through Q1.


Both Williams’,Renaults were knocked out,as were Sergio Perez,Paul Di Resta and Michael Schumacher,who complained about vibrations once again,both Toro Rosso’s made it through to Q3


On the first runs Vettel just went fastest from Hamilton,Webber and Alonso and Massa.

Vettel then went faster on his second run while Hamilton aborted his effort,while at Turn 8 Massa hit the kerb very hard and his front right suspension gave way and went into the wall at very slow speed which ruined Button’s lap as he was behind Felipe on the circuit and could only Qualify 5th because of that

Webber and Alonso did not improve on there second runs


1 Vettel 1:24.178

Webber 1:24.508

Alonso 1:24.519

Button 1:24.950

Hamilton 1:24.474(3 place grid penalty)

6 Massa 1:25.122

Rosberg 1:25.451

Sutil No time in Q3

Buemi No time in Q3

10 Alguerusari No time in Q3

11 Schumacher 1:26.337

12 Di Resta 1:26.503

13 Maldonado 1:26.537

14 Senna 1:26.651 

15 Barrichello 1:27.247

16 Petrov 1:26.319(5 place grid penalty)

17 Kobayashi 1:27.876 

18 Kovalainen 1:28.565

19 Trulli 1:28.752

20 Perez 1:27.562

21 D’Ambrosio 1:30.866 

22 Ricciardo 1:30.216(5 place grid penalty)

23 Karthikeyan 1:30.238(5 place grid penalty)

24 Glock 1:34.046(outside the 107% rule but will race)

Image © Zimbio